Video Advertisement for Business: What Tips to Follow?

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Marketing via video is a tactic that any business must consider for effective promotional activities. Video advertisements are not only successful for drawing consumers attention and brand awareness but it’s more likely a medium to transfer the targeted audience into the customer. This is the reason it’s so essential to make a powerful video promotion for your business, regardless of any sector. Every business must indulge into video ads to increase its brand recognition. 

As Gen Z is the most active crowd and the highest population with 82% of total population, they are the real influencers in the market. To convince Gen z business must make instructive video ads which is more preferable. Today’s generation searches for quick options whether its a decision to buy a product or learning the usage of a product. Video is the quickest form to transfer a wide range of data within a few seconds. A powerful video ad can drive the viewer’s interest into sales. 

Check out some amazing tips you must know before making a video ad for your business. Whether it’s for Facebook or Youtube use these fundamentals for creating video ads for organic reach and outcomes.  

Optimise The First Few Seconds

For hooking your viewers till the end of the video; the first few seconds must be prominent and attractive enough that it drives viewers to avoid the skip ad option. You can start your video ad with the most relevant questions or talking about the needs of product/service. Use innovative ideas to share the information. Put forth an attempt to hold attention from the viewer in initial seconds by sharing something that makes your brand image stick out from the others. Begin your ad with extraordinary visuals that urge someone to take interest in your video.

Answer The Question “WHY”

Your video should explain why one must pick your brand over the other. How does choosing your product or service become “the correct decision”? Regardless of whether it’s an extraordinary worth, limitless guarantee, or licensed innovation for making a remarkable item, you need to give a powerful reason for selection of your brand. It’s essential to look over this while arranging and recording your online video ad.

Choose Timing For Ad Smartly 

Skip unnecessary content for managing the time duration for your video ad. As video is the most memorable form of content, its duration must be ideal for viewers. According to google research, 30 sec or 15 sec ads have a minimal skip ratio. Remember this ideal length when you make the content for the video. Short video ads are the most effective ones. Conveying all information within the ideal time limit must be focused by every marketer. 

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Insert Call To Action

Include CTA options for contact information or even a coupon or unique offer could make an ad impressive. Allow your viewer to reach your product/service from your video promotion. You must know how to convey your message by a unique landing page for your video. CTA can be placed in the mid video or at the end of the video so that the viewer can decide what to do the next. Suggestions to take action are the same old thing in advertising. However, Many marketers in some cases ignore the CTA but it is better to guide the viewer to take the next step regarding site visit or initiate the purchase.

Minimal Use Of Text 

The text in your video must be subtle and with ideal font style. Ensure that the content is precise enough to convey the wide range of information within a few moments. Use animated effects for displaying the text in your ad. Avoid lengthy content for an effective outcome. 

Do Personalization For Your Ad 

Generally people believe that online video promotions are basically like TV ads. Yet, there are some distinct changes to be made. Maybe the greatest contrast is that TV ads are more focused on all categories of population while Video ads are effective because of their personalization. Demographics in terms of age, gender and geographic locations must be considered while targeting the audience for video ads. The more diverse your audience the less productive results as the crowd has all sets of people with varied instincts; the video ad may not be impressive to all of them. But personalization helps to target the organic viewers who would further deal with business. 

Test Your Ad On Different Platform

Trial and errors fundamentals work greatly on video ads. Test your ad on different platforms with suitable format. Analyze the market trends and select the format accordingly. Skippable ads are effective for lead generation while non-skippable ads in online streaming platforms like Netflix or social media like Facebook would help to increase brand awareness. Make frequent changes in ad format for testing the best one. Keep testing and analysing your ad by changing 


Positioning the product/service becomes easier with video ads. It creates awareness, generates organic traffic towards the website, lead generations and purchases, all these key factors of business are emphasised while making a business video ad. 

Guest article written by: Riddhi Ganatra is an online marketing consultant and outreach expert at Viss Beauty who loves to write and review fashion and beauty products. She spent more than three years as content creator covering topics like online marketing, technology, motherhood, lifestyle, beauty, and more.

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