TechPatio has a new theme, mobile-friendly

Do you know the type, that wants to change things around all the time, never happy with what they got? Well, that ain’t here 😁 was launched in 2009, that’s 13 years ago, as of today! In 2010, a year after launch, we were reviewed by John Chow, and how did the website look when it launched 12-13 years ago? Well, take a look at the screen at the top of this article…

Fast forward to yesterday, here’s how the website (still) looked:

Spoiler alert: Basically the same!

That’s 13 years with the same website design! How’s that for retro 🤣

During that time, we had short run with a mobile-friendly version too, powered by WordPress’ JetPack plugin. They stopped offering that service a while ago though, so we were back to desktop-only design again, which of course is no good in this mobile-first age.

Hence, we have now switched from the good ol’ Thesis WordPress-theme to a hot new GeneratePress theme, which is of course mobile-friendly. We’ve stayed true to the original layout and colors, even kept the old logo/header (okay, this does deserve an update… we’ll get to see about that).

Did you know?

  • We publish minimum 1 article per day. Tech news, how-to’s, general articles, etc.
  • We have over 5000 articles published!
  • Eventually we got so many spammy comments that we gave up moderating them, and have since completely removed the ability to comment on articles (you can still comment on Facebook and Twitter)

Welcome to the new and mobile-friendly patio, we hope you enjoy hanging out here!

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