Etsy SEO: How to Increase Your Etsy Sales?

As you probably know Etsy is an online marketplace where owners of small companies can sell their products. Since this platform is global many sellers are participating and offering a wide range of products and services. This makes it a little bit difficult when you need to stand out in a crowd and make your products look unique and worth buying. 

Make SEO that converts

Good SEO-optimized brand descriptions or brand posts can make your website stand among so many other stores. The visitors of your website will be more intrigued and there are higher conversion rates. Your brand name will be more noticeable and ranked higher on Google search engines than your competitors. This will give you the necessary credibility on the Etsy platform, among other places. Small businesses will especially benefit from this since they usually don’t have so many clients from the beginning and it takes time to build a net of loyal customers. 

Know your target market

You should analyze the demand for the products you are offering and later get to know very well the type of clients that would buy those products. If you are a craftsman selling your unique handmade products, but you don’t have skills when it comes to analyzing the market, don’t worry. You can always hire a person that can help you do that part of the job that’s necessary for successful Etsy sales. Make sure you recruit your staff wisely for an optimal result. True Recruit can be helpful for that matter. 

Drive traffic to your website with proper keywords

This is where a good description of your products can be crucial to driving traffic to your website and not your competitors’ websites. Make sure you can write a compelling description with relevant keywords that will be thorough enough but still not too long to drive people away. Avoid “fluff” copywriting. This means that content without a purpose is to be avoided. If you sell handmade coffee trays, make sure you include into your description all the words that a possible customer might introduce into a search field. It shouldn’t be crowded with keywords though, this can make it all look artificial and robotic. 

Always sell quality products

We all know that platforms like AliExpress offer so many different products and gain a lot of money. However, individual sellers only depend on the quality of their products when it comes to long-term sales. Don’t rely on any platform for this matter because if people recognize you as a person who sells bad products, you will gain negative publicity that will be difficult to make go away later. Build your brand loyalty by offering the best products you can and people will recognize and appreciate your honesty and effort.

Invest in good photography

People are visual beings, we like to see something nice, and many times we notice photos more than written words. This implies that your website should look like a professional and expensive one, that is also well maintained and user-friendly. How many times have you decided not to take a further look at some product because there were poor pictures of it? This means that your products, other than being well described, should have high-quality pictures to accompany those descriptions. Take several photos of each one of your products, from different angles, so people have a better understanding of what they can expect. This way, you avoid unsatisfied customers in the future because many clients are unhappy because of some misunderstanding. 

Make every sale on Etsy more personalized

When someone shops on your website on Etsy, you can add some detail that will make people remember your website next time they need to purchase something again. It can be a business card to remind them of you and to have your contact information for the future. It can be a membership offer if you want to include some reward system for your loyal customers or it can be a small gift for them nicely wrapped. People like gifts, so if you surprise them with some detail they will certainly appreciate it. This way, you are thwarting your competition from the beginning. 

Make a mailing list for leads

Leads are people who have already converted from spectators to possible clients. Make sure you make a proper mailing system for leads that will include offers for those who purchase for their first time or any other benefits. Be creative and see what you can offer. You can send them updates on the new products of collections. Make sure you don’t invade their data privacy along the way. Gathering information and personalization shouldn’t stand in the way of brand trust by no chance.

If you are an Etsy seller, you must always be aware of the competition and always work on improving, not only your service and products but also the methods to attract customers. Etsy SEO has an algorithm that can work in your favour if you know what you have to do. We hope these essential tips will help you boost your Etsy sales. 

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