What is a domain? How to search a domain name?

The concept which we call domain literally consists of the combination of letters, numbers, and symbols and establishes the physical address of your website. If you have a website and domain, your visitor can easily reach your site by typing your domain into their browser without any mistakes.

For example, it will be sufficient to type “Atak Domain.com” in your browser when you want to visit Atak Domain. This is the general purpose of using domains. You want to visit in a practical and easy way to enable you to visit the website. If there were no domains, we would use IP addresses, and this would be a very difficult and complex way.

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How Does a Domain Operate?

When you type the domain of a site you want to visit in your browser, the domain you have typed is shared with the global server network that creates the DNS. Global server networks also consider name servers related to the domain and forward the visit request process to the servers. For example, if you wanted to visit Atak Domain, Atak Domain’s domain is Atak Domain.com. The hosting provider sends Atak Domain.com that you want to visit the computer where the website is stored. Computers using Apache or Nginx-like software, on the other hand, bring together the website and the information on the website and send it back to the internet browsing. You will be able to access the website as a result of these processes.

What is domain search?

Domain search is the process that allows you to find out whether the domain name you have determined to use on your website is already used. Even if you think you have found a nice domain name, it is necessary to query whether the domain name has been used. Otherwise, you may both get worried and lose a lot of money. If your chosen domain name is already used, you can try different combinations of your domain name or create a new domain name.

How to search a domain?

If you look for the domain search tool that gives the best results, Atak Domain will provide you with the best quality service. You can query the domains which you want by using the Atak Domain.com address.

  1. The first step is to go to Atak Domain.com.
  2. The second step is to enter the domain name you want to buy in the domain search section and search.
  3. The final step, find out if your domain name is available.

If your domain is already used, you can try different combinations of your domain name or create a new one.

What should be considered when searching a domain?

You should find out if your domain name is already used after determining your domain name. Otherwise, a legal process can both create problems and you can be punished legally. When querying the domain, you should be very sure whether your domain name is used or not. Your domain name may be used in different extensions other than .com, in which case creating a different domain name would be the best option for you. If you want to buy a different variation of the same domain name, it will be very important for you to find out if it is used in different variations you want to buy.

Domain name search tool

You have identified your domain name and you want to check the availability of your domain name. You should choose the domain search tool that gives the best results. You can easily check your domain name and see its different variations with Atak Domain, Turkey’s leader domain, and the host company. In addition, you can easily buy your domain name at the affordable prices offered by Atak Domain.

Features to consider when choosing a domain

Paying attention to certain features will be very useful both for your brand and for the income that your brand can bring to you when determining a domain name for your website. We have listed the most important features to consider when choosing a domain name for you.

Be attentive to renewal fees

Be wary of hidden fees. Many domain name companies sell domain names at very reasonable prices. But you should pay attention to the terms of service. When your contract expires, you may face high prices when you want to renew it. You may also purchase not only a domain name but also a service package. It could be more expensive for you. Therefore, you should carefully read the terms of your company when buying a domain name.

Be careful about the privacy of your data

Consider the credibility of the company you want to buy the domain name from. Even if the company you bought the domain from gives the domain name at an affordable price, it may sell its data to third parties. Therefore, try to learn about the company well so that you will buy your domain name well. If your domain name information is publicly recorded in WHOIS and RDAP directories, you should hide your personal data. You should read the service and security terms of the company where you will buy your domain name.

Consider the domain extension thoroughly

The .com extension is generally sold more in the world. For this reason, you can take care to choose domains with .com extensions. In addition, your domain name looks like a kind of preview of your website and gives information about the content of your website. Therefore, you need to be careful to choose keywords. This is very important for the SEO compatibility of your website. In addition, when the keywords related to your site are searched in browsers, your website will be displayed higher than other websites.

If the name you want to get for the website you will create is already in use, you can use the keywords related to your work or the content of your website in the domain name you will create.

Keep your domain name short

Your domain name should be as short and memorable as possible. You should be careful to use no more than three words when purchasing your domain name.

Make simple choices about how to read and write your domain name. It is important that your domain name is easy to read. You should stay away from domain names that are difficult to pronounce or spell. In this way, you can avoid confusion that may occur in typing your domain name. You should also avoid the use of numbers or dashes in your domain name. Also, be careful not to use the same letters next to each other. Again, this can lead to misunderstandings, spellings, and readings.


You should research your domain name. You should check whether the words you will use in your domain name have already been taken in different extensions such as .com or .net before registering for your domain name. You can get a different domain name if it is already used. However, if you insist on your domain name, you need to be very careful not to become an imitator.

Select a domain name that you can use for a long time

Select a domain name that you can use for a long time. You can change your domain name later, but this may decrease your visitors or cause you to drop in search rankings in browsers. In addition, the use of a long-term domain name can make your brand popular over time and make your brand name permanent.

Grab your hand as quickly as possible. Accounts created in digital media, websites, and domain names are rapidly increasing day by day. For this reason, hold your hand as quickly as possible. It would not be nice to have your domain name used by someone else.

Select a domain name you can brand

Identify a domain name that you can brand. Your domain name is very important for the future of your website. Therefore, your domain name should be brandable and corporate identity can be created. You can choose a domain name that will be remembered as much as possible with a few simple and short words. You can take a look at different brands and get encouraged by different brands.


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