Should You Link Your Google Ads Account To Search Console?

Formulating An Efficient Strategy

Setting up a business is a thing, although when it comes to advertising it then, one needs to be really cautious and think many steps ahead of how implementing strategies would result in a performance boost.

Just managing one’s Google presence would not be the most efficient of strategies – because of this, advertisers usually implement different tools to maintain and manage effective SEO and PPC campaigns. These tools are built to analyze and enhance the performance of a business and also optimize and manage campaigns, additionally also to manage other campaigns of Google advertising.

Using The Correct Tool

There is not any single tool that can be used universally for everyone since each tool has its own unique features. As a matter of fact, it is better to search for tools that work specifically for you – then to implement them wherever they are most useful.

It’s not like using all the tools would result in something superior, however, advertisers often forget one single step that actually matters the most out of all the available tools. They forget to link their google Ads to the Search Console.

Keep reading to find out more information about the benefits of linking Google Ads account to the Search console.

Benefits Of Doing So

There are many benefits of linking a Google Ads account to a Search console they are:

1. You get to learn about organic vs. paid keywords.

I bet you would like the fact if your keywords that you provided organically perform better than the paid ones. Then you could even spend your budget somewhere else. Connecting Google Ads to the Search Console enables you to get access to “Organic and Paid Report,” – which compares the performance of your keywords. It’s all thanks to this report that you can explore the influence of organic and paid keywords on a daily basis through CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

This report will help you best perform a comparison about which keywords work best for you and ultimately aids you to spend more less on keywords that do not work well for you.

2. You can get more data from queries and keywords.

Search Console allows users to see additional data about keywords and queries that can inspire them to create new keywords that could potentially perform better.

You can even obtain newly-found keywords that can successfully trigger your campaign in a positive way and have a better and wider audience reach.

Google Search Console crawl reports let you monitor the crawl history of a website as well.

3. Compare your own ad’s performance to others.

Just about any business owner would want to know how their ads are doing in comparison to their competitors. Linking the Search Console and Google Ads shows the comparison between the competitors and your own campaign’s performance. In accordance to that, you can easily make necessary changes and adjust your campaign to one-up your competitors and see a decrease or increase in the campaign’s activity.

Steps To Follow

Here are a few steps on how you can link both of them:

  • First Access “Linked Accounts”.

At first, one needs to access the Google Ads dashboard and then click on the button named “Tools”, which is available on the top navigation. Then a dropdown would appear of twenty different options. You need to select the “Linked Account” option that will come under “Settings.”

  • Then select “Search Console”.

You then need to find “Search Console” in your Linked Accounts section and then click on the option called “Details.”

  • Then you need to enter the address of your website.

I mean, this point is pretty self-explanatory. Although, you do need to watch out for the naming pattern that your website has for the account of Search Console i.e (https://).

After following through with all these steps, your search console account should get successfully linked. A message like this would appear if the connection was done successfully: “The site was linked on ____________ (the date that you made the link).”

Else if that is not the case and you weren’t able to link the accounts together properly then no need to worry. It might be just a matter of verifying your own site ownership. Wondering how you can do that? 

Well, simply just click the link “Claim it at Search console” and then the search Console will show you the recommended methods for verification after you do that.

To Wrap It Up!

Well, in conclusion, you should definitely link your Google Ads account with Search Console. After all of the benefits that I listed and also the steps to link both together. It is a very easy method and also takes up no time to do, so definitely give it a go.

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

Guest article written by: Blogger Clara Adams is really dedicated. She enjoys blogging about his views, experiences, and thoughts with other people. Clara Adams is connected to the Circle Box Blog, Tech Mag News, Plus Life Styles & World Tech24.