A Marketer’s Guide To Pull Off Successful Instagram Takeover [In 8 Easy Steps]


Marketing in the digital age is all about staying one step ahead of the game. With so much competition out there, it’s essential to think outside the box and stay creative to make an impact and stand out. One of the most effective ways to do this is by leveraging influencers on Instagram, specifically through Instagram takeovers.

An Instagram takeover is when an influencer takes over an account for a specific period and shares content with followers. This collaboration is a great way to reach new audiences, as influencers have the power to reach millions of people in a short amount of time.

Before beginning an Instagram takeover, it is crucial to understand why they are essential for marketers and how to pull one off successfully. This article is a comprehensive guide to help you understand the importance of Instagram takeovers and pull one off successfully in 8 easy steps.

8 Steps For Successful Instagram Takeover

Step 1: Research

Research is one of the most critical steps for marketers in executing a successful Instagram takeover. Research helps marketers identify the right influencers, review their past collaborations, and analyze their potential engagement metrics. This helps marketers better understand the influencer’s audience and the type of content they are likely to respond to.

The first step in the research process is to identify relevant influencers. Marketers need to identify influencers within their industry and have an audience relevant to their brand. It is essential to identify influencers that have a large and engaged following. One way to find relevant influencers is to use the Instagram Explore page, which allows users to search for images and videos related to a particular topic.

Once the marketers have identified a few potential influencers, they should review their past collaborations. This helps marketers understand the influencer’s style of content and the type of content their audience responds to. Marketers should also review the influencer’s blog and website to understand their work better.

The next step in the research process is to analyze the potential influencers in terms of their engagement metrics. Marketers should look at the influencer’s engagement rate, which can be calculated by dividing the total number of likes or comments on a post by the total number of followers. They should also look at the influencer’s post frequency, the average number of posts per day or week. Additionally, marketers should look at the influencer’s average post engagement, the average number of likes or comments per post.

Marketers can ensure they are working with the right influencers for their brand and Instagram takeover by researching potential influencers and their engagement metrics. This helps marketers identify influencers who can help them reach their goals and generate successful results.

Step 2: Reach Out

Once the influencer has been identified, it’s time to reach out and start the conversation. It’s essential to have a clear vision for the goals of the takeover and share them with the influencer. This could be anything from gaining followers, increasing engagement, or driving sales. 

It’s also essential to ensure the influencer is comfortable with the budget before moving forward. Negotiations should be handled diplomatically to ensure the best outcome for both parties. After the budget has been agreed upon, the next step is to finalize the details.

Step 3: Finalize The Details

Once you have selected the right influencer for your Instagram takeover, it is time to finalize the details. This step involves defining the duration of the takeover, deciding on the content strategy, and establishing a timeline. 

Defining the duration is essential to ensure the takeover is completed within a specific timeframe. The content strategy should align with the brand’s goals and be relevant and engaging for the influencer’s followers. 

Finally, setting a timeline is critical to ensure all the content is posted on time. With a precise duration, content strategy, and timeline in place, you can move to the next step.

Step 4: Create An Engaging Post

Creating engaging posts is essential for any successful Instagram takeover. An effective post should be eye-catching, creative, and contain relevant information. It should also include brand keywords, relevant hashtags, visuals, and other elements to capture attention.

When crafting an Instagram post, keeping the brand’s message at the center is essential. This will ensure the post is well-aligned with the brand’s vision and guidelines. It’s also important to incorporate keywords and phrases associated with the brand. This will help to strengthen the brand’s engagement on Instagram.

Additionally, it’s essential to use relevant hashtags that will help to increase reach and visibility on Instagram. Relevant hashtags can also be used to create conversations around the brand and to engage with potential customers.

Using visuals is another critical factor in creating an engaging post. Visuals can help to draw attention, spark conversations, and engage followers. Using visuals such as graphics and images can also help to add personality to the post, making it more memorable.

Finally, it’s essential to consider the timing of the post. Posting at the right time can help to increase the IG post’s views and likes. Posting when the audience is most likely online can help create more meaningful interactions.

Step 5: Set Up An Editorial Calendar

Once you have finalized the details of the Instagram takeover, the next step is to set up an editorial calendar. This is important to ensure that the takeover runs smoothly and effectively. An editorial calendar should include a schedule for the posts, the topics, and the content of the posts, as well as the post duration and frequency. It is vital to ensure that posts are spaced out in a way that does not overwhelm followers and capture their attention. 

Additionally, the posts should be engaging and creative to maximize engagement. Setting up an editorial calendar ensures the content is planned and consistent and that the takeover runs smoothly and efficiently.

Step 6: Monitor The Performance

Monitoring the performance of an Instagram takeover is crucial for marketers to ensure that it is successful. The performance should be tracked and analyzed to make the necessary adjustments and get the desired results.

First, marketers should measure the impact of the Instagram takeover by analyzing Instagram likes. This will give marketers a better understanding of the content and audience engagement. Tracking the engagement from the influencer’s followers will also provide insight into the effectiveness of the takeover; this includes comments, shares, and other interactions with the posts.

Another vital thing to monitor is the changes in the influencer’s followers. This will help marketers determine the impact of the takeover on the influencer’s followers and whether it has led to an increase or decrease in their number. Analyzing the influencer’s follower growth is essential to measure the success of the Instagram takeover.

Keeping track of the influencer’s content during the takeover is also essential. This will help marketers better understand the type of content that resonates with the influencer’s followers, which can be used to create more compelling content in the future.

Step 7: Follow Up

After the Instagram takeover has concluded, following up with the influencer is essential to ensure both parties are happy with the results. The brand should contact the influencer for feedback and review the campaign’s performance. They should discuss how the takeover goals have been met and if any suggestions or improvements need to be made. 

Additionally, the brand should thank the influencer for their work and ensure the takeover went smoothly. This follow-up process is essential for maintaining a good relationship with the influencer and ensuring that future collaborations run even more smoothly.

Step 8: Analyze The Results

After all the hard work, it’s time to evaluate the results of the Instagram takeover. Analyzing the metrics before and after the takeover is the best way to gauge whether the takeover was successful. Compare the metrics such as Instagram Likes, engagement, and followers to check if the takeover goals have been met. 

If the goals have been met, congratulations! If not, the success of the takeover can still be improved for the next time. By doing so, marketers can ensure that the subsequent Instagram takeover will be even more successful.


An Instagram takeover can be a valuable tool for any marketer who wants to increase their reach, engage their followers, and drive traffic. Establishing success requires research and careful planning, but the 8 steps outlined in this article can help simplify the process and ensure your takeover succeeds. 

By researching relevant influencers, negotiating a budget, creating engaging content, setting up an editorial calendar, monitoring performance, and following up with feedback, you can create a successful Instagram takeover that meets the goals of your marketing campaign. Finally, analyzing the results of the takeover will help you gain insights into the effectiveness of the takeover and allow you to make improvements for future campaigns.

Guest article written by: Sabrina Taylor is an SEO strategist and Senior Content Writer of Sociaboost.com. She is an experienced content writer in the industry for 3+ years and her passion is to contribute to quality and engaging content for authority blogs and websites.