How to Become a Software Consultant: 12 Steps

May 30, 2021
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So, Mr. Techie, you have worked long enough as an in-house resource and now look forward to becoming a software consultant to share your expertise and experience with the rest of the world. Cool Idea! But outsourcing your services is never easy. You would have to put in a lot of effort and build a […]

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Consulting Firm Marketing for 2021 & Beyond

February 10, 2021
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Consulting firms need to be specialists in their field and also be excellent public relations, but they must also take care of marketing, sales, and administration. Business consulting and technology services are in high demand in 2021 and beyond.  Find out more about this topic below.  There are many types of consulting companies. However, whether […]

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Healthcare Software Consulting: A Guide to Hiring the Right Consultant

January 22, 2019

Healthcare software, specially designed for healthcare facilities can take some time to implement effectively. This kind of task requires the expertise of a dedicated team, which is adept in utilizing both inside and outside resources. And on such occasions, many health centers find it necessary to seek the services of a healthcare software consultant to […]

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What You Should Look for in the Best VMware vSphere Consulting Companies

March 10, 2018

Whether you are running a small enterprise or a large company with different remote locations, VMware vSphere technology and virtualization is important for you. Virtualization will save you cash in terms of hardware purchases and it will enable your IT staff to easily track your network. Virtualization through VMware is a fully developed technology that […]

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