Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional v7.0 is one of the most advanced data recovery software available for Windows 10 users. The recovery software is suitable for all those PC users, who have lost their digital data stored in their storage device may it be internal or external. The storage device includes hard disk drive, … Read more →

Guide for Best Case of Data Loss and How to Recover Deleted Data/Photos [All Solution]

Here, I explain to Best Case of Data Loss and How to Recover Deleted Data and also provided all solution in this article. We are not exactly mindful the genuine dangers and how to dodge them. Most regular explanations behind data misfortune are identified with our consistently after the way we spare, store and handle … Read more →

How Important is Data Matching for Any Business?

Eliminating duplicate data actually can optimise and speed up your business processes and can save you a lot of expenses. By removing multiple lists, your staff members will not have waste their precious time by calling the same person again and again. This kind of eliminating duplicate data can also eliminate tele-callers who only do … Read more →

How to Recover Data from a Hard Drive on Windows 10

Losing data or important files due to accidental deletion or due to some hardware or software snag is something very common. Thankfully, you can recover your lost files or data easily using few simple steps. Despite that keeping, data backup is always advised by experts to prevent data loss effectively. However, it is considered that … Read more →

3 Tips for Storing Your Business Data

When it comes to business, the one thing that people are most afraid of is losing customers. However, customers tend to come and go, which is why losing business data can be much more problematic. We are talking about volumes and volumes of information about people, places, products, business rules and events, which more or … Read more →

Way to Recover Shift Deleted Files in Windows

Summary: This guest-post explains the loss of files from your Windows system by the use of Shift and Delete key simultaneously and also the best way to recover those files. Go through this guest-post if you have deleted your Windows files this way and learn how you can recover them without losing any data. In total, … Read more →

Data Recovery and You

Do you have a good understanding of what data recovery is? When it comes to computing, data recovery can be described as a process of salvaging data that is inaccessible from damaged or corrupted files, removable media, or secondary storage, when the data that is stored is not able to be accessed by using a … Read more →

5 Best Data Visualization Tools on the Market

We live in the world of Big Data, which means that businesses today have access to more valuable information than ever before. However, as managers sit through mountains of data looking for actionable information, they can easily become overwhelmed. Data visualization tools make large amounts of data easy to interpret. People naturally gravitate to pictures, … Read more →

Data recovery with EaseUS software

Data recovery is a feature that enables the users to recover any deleted data from the system. Generally, in windows OS when any data is being deleted, it actually goes to the recycle bin. The data which is in the recycle bin can be recovered at any time. But if you want to delete the … Read more →

Danger of Faulty Database And Importance Of Data Cleansing

The customers’ database is undoubtedly one of the most vital aspects of your organizations and a major tool in customer relationship management. But do you know that around 20 percent of business data is faulty or incorrect or inconsistent or incomplete? Well, market reports signify such a scenario and such a considerable amount of incorrect … Read more →

Secrets of data loss [infographic]

In the United States alone, more than 140,000 hard drives crash every week. 40% of that data loss comes from hardware failure. The truth is, all hard drives will eventually fail. With the way we depend on technology to function, it’s critical we do what we can to protect from loss. Read more about the … Read more →

What’s being done with all that data?

Hitting the spotlight in 2012, big data and how it’s being collected are now on the minds of every company and everyone. Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, and that number is expected to grow. With this amount of data flying around every day, people are beginning to wonder what is being … Read more →