Everything You Need to Know About Drone Racing

In case you did not know, drone racing is rapidly growing in popularity. It is basically a sport where drone pilots tend to build agile and extremely fast multi-rotors (also known as drones). Although racing drones is done through various perspective systems, the most common one is none other than FPV (first-person view) system. The … Read more →

7 Amazing Ways Drones Are Being Used Around The World

Despite the unfortunate negative press that sometimes surrounds drones, there are a number of incredible ways people around the world are harnessing their power for good. It seems as though everyday a new way of implementing drones into our society pops up, some ideas are brilliant, whilst others are destined to fail. We’re going to … Read more →

How Drones are Changing Our World for the Better

There is little denying that we live in an ‘Age of Disruption’. New technologies – many which were the stuff of science fiction just a few years ago – are transforming the world around us. If anything, the trend is just getting started as breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, quantum computing, and drone technology … Read more →

How to make money with drones

As we move forward in this era people are becoming more aware about advancement of drones and its applications are increasing in different sectors from construction ,oil and gas fields to wedding, restaurants and many more. People are buying different types of drones like small drones, foldable drones, mini drones, drones with camera, indoor drone … Read more →

How to Deal with the Wind When Flying a Drone

It takes some time to learn how to fly a drone.  Afterwards, a novice can graduate to a paid professional.  However, even the pros experience difficulty in navigating their drones during inclimate weather.  For example, you can’t expect a drone to react in the same manner on a sunny, mild day as on a rainy … Read more →