Flixlab’s iPhone app makes video editing social – without actually editing

Flixlab, a brand new iPhone application, is “social video & photo editing” without the need to actually edit anything, you can create and share great movies automatically, add transitions, titles, music etc., all with just a few taps on your iPhone display.

The app basically works by sharing pictures and videos with your friends and family, so if you’re both attending the same event, it will be like covering it from different angles at the same time and then mixing the best video and photos into one single movie afterwards.

Flixlab even automatically recognizes that you and your friend might be shooting the same thing, ie. your friend(s) is nearby, and it will ask if you want to share your pictures and videos with each other, allowing you to setup an “event” which you can then leave once you’re done shooting.

So with Flixlab, you don’t have to ask your friends or family members to hassle with forwarding their content from a recent trip, you can just “use it” via Flixlab and include it in your video. Don’t forget to add some cool transitions and soundtracks, too. Once done, you can tag who ever is in the video so that your video will appear on their Facebook wall, if you decide to publish it to Facebook, which is of course also possible with Flixlab.

Flixlab is the fun and fast way to make great movies with your iPhone – and share them online!

Download Flixlab Free at the App Store today!

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