Magento vs. Demandware – What to Choose

There is always argument between Magento and Demandware. Nowadays open source e-commerce is becoming very professional. It is said that Demandware is very animated to write the impassioned plea. It is also feeling pressure nowadays from 2 fronts. One is the open source of e-commerce solutions of cost argument leverage, and another is cloud computing … Read more →

Find themes for your website seamlessly with Themesfinder

All WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and other CMSs users know the excruciating pain they have to go through to find the perfect theme for their blogs and websites. It is not as if there are not good themes for these CMSs. On the contrary, there are large numbers of greatly designed themes present on internet. The … Read more →

Magento as an e-commerce solution?

If you’re looking to start a web shop or ecommerce site, you’ll be in the market for website software that can help you get started and get online as easy and cheap as possible, I reckon. One way of doing so, is by going the Magento route. Magento is open source based web software with … Read more →