Man saved by Smartwatch after his Motorcycle Fell off a Cliff in Utah

A man in Utah accidentally fell off a 40 to 50-foot cliff while he was out riding on his motorcycle. According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, he was found by authorities are after his smartwatch sent a crash alert. Authorities say the man was on his motorcycle traveling near the Warner Valley area of … Read more →

Apple warns High-Power Motorcycle Engine Vibrations can Damage iPhone Cameras

Apple on Friday released a new support document warning iPhone users that exposing the device to strong vibrations, such as those coming from a high-power motorcycle engine, can severely impact internal image stabilization and autofocus systems, resulting to a reduced image quality. Apple says that its optical image stabilization (OIS) and closed-loop AF systems in … Read more →

5 Cool Motorcycle Gadgets to Check Out

Once you get the bike you’ve always dreamed about, there are always additional gadgets that you might add in order to make the most of it and to find its true potential. There’s also a big online community dedicated to these gadgets, since they add a touch of coolness to your bike and enthusiasts love … Read more →

5 Motorcycle Gadgets That Every Biker Needs

Motorcycles are a badass means of transport, but they are not known for their comfort and luxury. Things that are standard in cars, like GPS, radio, etc, were unimaginable on motorcycles until the last couple of years. But thanks to technology, things are about to change. Each year we see cool new motorcycle gadgets , … Read more →