The Best Free Antivirus Software for Windows 7

Over 8 years have gone after Windows 7 was introduced it’s as yet the most mainstream Windows out there. In any case, the sudden rise of the substantial scale ransomware disease demonstrated to us some unquestionable security escape clauses in Microsoft’s fan top choice. Fundamentally, a lot of clients set aside the way that the … Read more →

How to Survive the Google Panda Update

2013 has been widely regarded as the year of SEO. While most bloggers applied SEO techniques to dramatically improve their sites’ position on search engines, a number of people with malicious intent managed to come up with several spam algorithms and spurious methods which were dishonest in nature, and then incorporated them into their sites … Read more →

I Should Have Waited With Snow Leopard Installation – Too Many Incompatiblity Issues

I just couldn’t resist, I simply had to install Snow Leopard as soon as I got my hands on it, neglecting to check if my favorite applications and plugins were compatible. I thought, since Snow Leopard has been out with developers for so long, that surely they must have something ready by now. How wrong … Read more →