Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 – Your Ticket to Virtual Reality

Leaving the real world behind and escaping into the realm of virtual reality has become even more accessible, thanks to a bunch of new VR devices being offered in the market. Two giants in the industry, Apple and Meta (formerly named Facebook), have unveiled their latest products – the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest … Read more →

The Meta Quest Pro is now $400 Cheaper

The Quest Pro VR Headset by Meta is currently one of the most advanced Virtual Reality headgears that is available. Its hardware has been designed for convenience as it has been significantly slimmed down yet still packing advanced tech along with a number of features that the Quest 2 doesn’t have. Released just three months … Read more →

SAO-inspired VR Headset can actually Kill you if you Die in a Game

If you are familiar with the Japanese anime Sword Art Online, then you should know that one of the tools used in the story is the NerveGear, a helmet-like virtual reality headset that had a hidden design, when activated, can kill its user when they die inside an online game.  Well, these days, technology has … Read more →