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by Klaus on November 8, 2009

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twittley_logoTwittley is Twitter tool that allows your blog/website visitors to easily tweet your posts to their Twitter feed, just like Tweetmeme does it. Twittley however, also offers Digg-like features on the Twittley website. Just like you can vote on articles on Digg, by digging them, you can vote on articles on Twittley by tweeting them.

Where Tweetmeme simply aggregates and counts the number of tweets a post has received, Twittley takes advantage of a proprietary algorithm based on factors such as followers, frequency of tweets etc. That also means that with Twittley, each Twitter user has a certain karma associated with their account, to determine how much your votes are worth.

Twittley also makes it very easy for visitors to tweet a post, all you have to do is click on the retweet button. Go ahead and give it a go, it’s free, so try it out:

Twittley Shuffle Colors

Twittley has a WordPress plugin and soon they will release a new version that automatically shuffles the color of the Twittley button. The goal here is to decrease “blindness” with your visitors. Just like with ad blindness, your readers will eventually begin to ignore your social media buttons because they are at the same place all the time and they always look the same. By shuffling the colors, you increase the chances of readers noticing the button.


The WordPress plugin with shuffle colors is not available yet, but TechPatio was lucky enough to get a preview of it and test it out. And I must say, I like it. There’s only one thing I don’t like about it and that’s the placement of the button. It only offers 3 options: Before your post, after you post, or both.

I use a totally different place for my social media sharing buttons. It’s below the post, yes, but their placement is special (scroll down a little bit to see them, there’s Digg, StumbleUpon, Twittley and Facebook).

Installing Twittley Button

If you’re a WordPress blog owner, it’s really simple, just search for the Twittley plugin and install it. That’s pretty much it.

Otherwise you can use one of the javascript options and manually insert the Twittley button in a position where you want it – or if you’re not on a WordPress blog.

Unfortunately the manual installation method doesn’t support shuffle colors (yet), but there’s a workaround for that. Until the WordPress plugin supports manually placement of the button, I simply added this little bit of CSS to the button style option in the plugin settings:

visibility: hidden; position: absolute;

That hides the button on my post while still displaying the one I inserted manually (below my post) – this one will now shuffle colors.

Of course, if Twittley ever start to support manual placement directly in the Twittley plugin, this workaround is not necessary.

Great Support

Personally I experienced a few issues with the Twittley button which caused me to go back to Tweetmeme, but the Twittley support was very fast to solve them and in case something “came up” causing the button not to work, it now displays a nice “error” message inside the button instead of just a plain text based server message going something like “internal server error”.

The problem I had with the Twittley button was when my blog titles either contained double quotes (“) or the dollar sign ($). For some reason, that made the Twittley button stop working. But no longer – Twittley fixed it, thank you :)

Now It’s Your Turn

While some bloggers continue to offer Tweetmeme to their readers, in addition to Twittley, I decided to make the move 100% to Twittley. I understand that I might lose a few retweets from the Twitter users who prefers to use Tweetmeme, but eventually I’m sure Twittley will become as popular and we’ll start seeing it more and more.

So now it’s your turn – go get the Twittley button and take it for a spin, then I’ll head on over to the Twittley community and see what’s hot right now :)

UPDATE – November 9th: The new Twittley plugin for WordPress has been released, now everybody can go get some shuffle colors for their Twittley buttons :)


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