iSuppli: Android to Outstrip iPhone in 2012

by Klaus on August 6, 2010

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More Android-based smartphones were sold in Q1 2010 than iPhones, on the North American market. A trend, which according to iSuppli, will continue so we’ll see more Android smartphones in 2012 than iPhone OS.

In 2012, iSuppli believes that Android will be on 75 million smartphones and Apple’s iOS on 62 million devices.

Obviously Android has an advantage here, since the operating system by Google is being used on smartphones from multiple manufacturers such as Motorola, HTC and Samsung while iOS is only to be found on Apple’s own phones and devices such as iPod Touch and iPad.

iSuppli also predicts that in 2014 Android’s share of the global market for smartphones will be 22.8% and iPhone OS be 15.3%. The global smartphone market has grown by 50% in Q2 this year compared to Q2 last year, according to IDC.

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, says that 200,000 Android phones are being activated each day.

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