Palm Pre and iTunes Don’t Play Nicely Anymore

by Klaus on July 16, 2009

in Apple, Palm, Tech News

Palm Pre

Palm Pre

Apple just released iTunes update 8.2.1 and with that new update, Apple also made sure Palm Pre will no longer work with iTunes. Palm Pre works by “telling” iTunes that it’s actually an iPhone/iPod and apparently Apple doesn’t like that and they previously said they do not intend on supporting Palm Pre.

The official description of iTunes 8.2.1 claims to fix “an issue with verification of Apple devices”. That means not only the Palm Pre will get in trouble, but other devices that tries to dress up as iPod’s will no longer have access to your iTunes goody bag.

In other news, Apple also released iPhone SDK 3.1 beta. This new update kills the tethering-hack that allowed iPhone users to connect to the Internet using their iPhone over AT&T.


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