Palm Users Waving Goodbye To iTunes Sync?

Palm_PreThe battle between Apple and Palm for the Palm Pre phone to be allowed iTunes synchronization has been going on for a while now, but it might finally have come to an end.

The last attack out of the Palm camp was to identify the Palm Pre as an iPhone by using Apple’s “USB ID”, but USB-IF (Implementers Forum) took Apple’s side last week and Palm was asked to behave and play nice.

Since then, Palm has tried to come up with other ways to sync with iTunes, but apparently no luck yet and with the newest version of WebOS (the operating system within Palm Pre) lacking the Media Sync option, it seems that Palm has given up.

But wait, there’s more… maybe Palm is just preparing for another attack? When asked if they have given up, a Palm spokesman said:

We never comment on what might or might not be in on our product roadmap.

So there you have it. If you crave for iTunes sync compatibility, buy a Palm Pre if you feel lucky (or read the “PS” below). Or you could just get an iPhone and have it work right out of the box?

PS: Palm, if you’re reading this, why don’t you just ask The Missing Sync how they make the Palm sync with iTunes and do what they do….?

This post was not sponsored by Apple, despite my obvious attempt to make you buy an iPhone. But if you do, check out this article: 10 great iPhone apps for the road warrior, by Evan.

4 thoughts on “Palm Users Waving Goodbye To iTunes Sync?”

  1. Thanks for the mention! Palm’s implementation was a bit sketchy, although I was actually sort of rooting for them, if they could do it in a legit way. I love my iPhone, but I hate how iTunes is this big, bloated, locked down piece of software. So I guess if I had a Pre, maybe I wouldn’t even be looking to use iTunes. I still get most of my music from Amazon, and the only thing I use iTunes for is to sync apps, and podcasts.
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  3. I thought I read somewhere that Palm allows syncing with iTunes again? I only read this a couple of days ago, but maybe I’m mistaken and that article’s already outdated.

    • Yes it does – you can follow the trackback above for more information or simply click this link: Palm Strikes Back At Apple And Fixes iTunes Sync
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