Microsoft Sees First Drop In Windows Sales – Ever!

Microsoft Windows 7 logoMicrosoft just released their quarterly financial statement which shocked a lot of analysts and investors. For the first time ever, Microsoft sees a drop in their sales of Windows compared to the year before. Meanwhile the turnover also dropped by 17% in the 4th quarter of the year. As a result, Microsoft stock went down 8%, according to Reuters. This is also the first time since Microsoft got listed in 1986, that the turnover has dropped on a yearly basis.

Microsoft doesn’t expect things to pick up again right away, but they are certain that it doesn’t get any worse either, says Chief Financial Officer Christopher Liddell to Reuters.

Nevertheless, Microsoft still makes money and shows a profit of 3 billion dollars in Q4. A decrease of over 1 billion dollars, 30%, compared to last year.

Nor Microsoft or stock analystis expect Windows 7 to turn the ship around immediately. Most companies still suffer under the recession and are unlikely to rush out and buy new computers with Windows 7 anytime soon. Instead Microsoft is focusing on reducing their expenses, thus 5,000 positions are to be closed down this year.

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