Microsoft Shows “Minority Report” Look-Alike Office Wall

Microsoft Research just Minority Reportshowed a prototype of how our office walls might look like in the future, based on their Microsoft Surface thoughts – having surfaces around us become part of our lives.

The system is based on cameras, microphones and touchscreens and works a lot like the systems you would have seen in movies such as Minority Report and Total Recall. You can move files around on your wall, transfer pictures from your mobile device by placing it on the wall and even scan documents directly on the wall itself.

There’s no such thing as a keyboard or mouse – everything is done by speech and touch. The Digital Assistant Guide (DAG) is there to help and assist you. I can’t help to wonder how many real assistants/secretaries will lose their job over a virtual assistant?

In the video presentation below, pay attention at around 5:07, when Patricia pushes two of the files away. She has this “holy cow, it actually worked!”-kinda look on her face, or maybe she just thought that she hit the guy with the two files 🙂

I guess, after all those years of sitting down, getting fatter and fatter, it seems that we finally need to get in shape as the future will require us to stand up a lot more while working! For a system like that, I’ll be happy to start getting in shape starting tomorrow 🙂 – what about you, want one of those systems? Leave a comment below!

8 thoughts on “Microsoft Shows “Minority Report” Look-Alike Office Wall”

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  3. I think there is already some sort of system like this in place, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you where as I have no idea on the location details. This is another expectant transition in our society where Technology is concerned and where it is moving into. I can definetly see people being more depedant on Technology in the future, and less on other people which is a saddened thought. I think Technology is a useful tool, but only if it’s used in the right light (with good intention-and not to just make money or get people sucked down into it). I think it’s easy to take advantage of it, and mis-use it and then let it rule us. I think it already does that, in one way or another.
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  5. Ok thats some crazy stuff right there, I can’t even grasp living like that.
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