iPhone 4 Retina Display Review vs iPhone 3GS Display [video]

I’ve been posting a lot about the iPhone 4 and iOS 4 recently, but it’s a hot topic at the moment and a topic that I’m very much interested in – and then when I find a video like the one below, I just have to share it with you guys. It demonstrates pretty well what the differences are between the iPhone 3GS’s display and the iPhone 4’s new retina display. The iPhone 4 retina display has four times as many pixels as the iPhone 3GS – and it clearly shows in this video.

Be sure to watch the video in HD – it’s worth it.

2 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Retina Display Review vs iPhone 3GS Display [video]”

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  2. Ich freue mich echt auf mein iPhone 4, aber so macht das wirklich keinen Spaß. 🙁
    Muss denn Apple genau jetzt so einen Bock schießen, wenn ich mich mal für ein
    iPhone entscheide?


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