The Best iOS 4 Apps Available Now

The iPhone OS 4 (iOS 4) was released June 21st, giving way to 1,500 new APIs for consumers around the world, meaning a whole wealth of different applications have been entered into the store recently. Additionally, a whole wealth of updates have come to the many different applications that are already present in the store, bringing new and convenient features, in addition to much more. This list provides insight on some of the more interesting ones of the bunch.

  1. Dropbox: This productivity application already saw success with its earlier version, but now it comes with the added bonus of being able to sync and upload files in the background. This effectively frees up your time to complete other tasks, supported by the new ability to switch apps quickly.
  2. Evernote: There is newly added support for fast app switching as well as including the ability to put your recording in the background.
  3. Pandora: This nifty application allows you to stream music for free in the background instead of having to pause to perform some other task. Also included are quick controls for the music near your app switcher.
  4. NYTimes: This is not exactly a new application, but now you can quickly switch in between apps and come back to the article you were reading without having to load it up again.
  5. ESPN ScoreCenter: View the scores for your favorite sports teams and enjoy te ability to switch in between apps quickly. You will also get updated scores when you switch back.
  6. How to Cook Everything: This is a self-explanatory application, offering something of a cookbook on the go. The newest update brings high resolution pictures of your potential meals.
  7. Fandango: Many people have taken advantage of buying their movie tickets in advance by visiting the Fandango web page, but now you can take it to the road if you ever spontaneously want to see a movie. The most recent update also comes with the added bonus of quickly switching in between apps, so you can juggle all of your other tasks while you wait for the tickets to search and Purchase.
  8. LinkedIn: Yet another application that has recently included fast app switching, LinkedIn puts professionals only a single touch away from their business connections. This is a vital tool to obtain if you are someone who heavily dabbles in the social community of the working world.
  9. Colloquy: This application has seen an update since the release of the iPhone Operating System 4. Its update is pretty nifty, as well. The purpose of the application is to host an IRC session, and it comes with the trick of keeping a timer in the background. After ten minutes, your IRC session is supposed to disconnect. However, with the latest inclusion of being able to switch in between apps quickly, it has been discovered that switching back to Colloquy resets the timer, so as long as you keep coming back while you multitask, you can virtually connect forever.
  10. Pianist: A fun little app that lets you touch and play a little piano melody, Pianist has been updated to fit in with the new OS.

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  2. I can load my epub books bought from Barnes and Nobel but when I go to look at them in iBooks, I get an error message.

  3. iOS 3.2 is an iPad-only release. The highest iOS version for iPhone, before iOS 4.0, is 3.1.3. Therefore, only iPhones and iPod Touch devices capable of running iOS 4 will be able to run the iBooks app.


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