Geeky, Funny or Crazy T-Shirts. Too Nerdy?

I’m not at all into fashion. I couldn’t tell you what’s the color of the year or what type of clothing everybody was wearing last year. I just don’t know because I don’t pay attention to such things. I believe that everybody should be able to dress like they want to but at the same time, keep it respectable and dress more or less according to social norms.

So is it okay to wear crazy t-shirts, maybe with some l33t geek humor on it or something, all the time? Nah, probably not. Personally I wouldn’t mind having a humor tshirt or two like the ones they sell at I like this simple black t-shirt that just says “There’s no place like” – but I don’t think many people will understand what it means. Maybe that’s why I like it 🙂

Now with Facebook being all over the place, Cafepress also sells t-shirts with “You like this”-button graphics on the front. Funny. But I’m not a big enough Facebook fan/addict that I would ever want to wear such a t-shirt. I do know a few though, maybe I should get them a shirt…

My point is, I think it’s okay to wear whatever clothes you feel is appropriate. It doesn’t matter if you’re a T-addict or just average Joe, wear what you’re comfortable in and that relay the signals you want to send about you, to other people around you.

I’m seriously considering that t-shirt now…

3 thoughts on “Geeky, Funny or Crazy T-Shirts. Too Nerdy?”

  1. what he said .. everything has it’s place. I could seriously go for a shopping spree in Cafepress. Just so much cool stuff.

  2. Ha! That’s hilarious! I might have to get that shirt for all the engineers at work. If I say it’s not too geeky to wear it, does that make me a geek by default?

  3. This t shirt is so funny! I have a closet full of funny t shirts and I even started designing my own.


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