5 Best Security Suites for Windows

PC users no longer have to purchase individual programs to ensure total protection. The latest internet security software is available in suites, providing antivirus, antispyware, firewalls and additional features that not only protect a computer from malicious programs, but also offer spam inhibitors, parental controls and cloaking technology to ensure privacy and protect identity. There are dozens of security programs on the market and features vary with each version. Here are five of the better options.

1. BitDefender Total Security 2010

BitDefender covers up to 3 PC’s for one year at the price of $49.95. This award winning software protects PC’s against viruses, spammers, phishing, trojans, adware, keyloggers and browser hijackers. Uniquely designed to provide fast scans using the lowest system requirements. The software scans all forms of PC communication in real time including, e-mails, instant messaging and web browsing to prevent stealth threats. Instant messages can be encrypted and BitDefender contains a security vault to protect personal information. A 2-way firewall provides protection whether users are at home or in the office. The special gamer mode continues to provide background protection while viewing a full screen for gaming or movies. Built-in parental controls allow specific limitation access and time limits on user selected sites.

2. Webroot Internet Security 2010

Webroot protects up to 3 PC’s for up to 15 months for the price of $59.95. This software provides the most protection in all areas and also has won numerous awards. Webroot contains the number one rated spy sweeper which eliminates adware, malware and many other forms of hacking. The award winning antivirus program contains a multi-layered defense, which operates in real time to ensure programs can not gain access to the system or access private information. An integrated back-up system allows photos and files to be stored online and users control what and when files are added.

3. Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

Kaspersky covers up to 3 PC’s for one year at the price of $79.95. The Kaspersky antivirus scanning module in this award winning software is contained in many other security products. The program does not slow down or interrupt normal PC function while operating. The antispyware automatically blocks and removes malware. The 2-way firewall provides silent protection while gaming or movie viewing and offers Wi-Fi and VPN protection.

4. Norton Internet Security 2010

Norton provides internet security for up to 3 PC’s for a one year subscription that retails for $69.99. Another award winning software that detects and prevents harmful viruses in real time before they damage costly computer systems. The software also contains professional strength antispyware features. Norton is designed to operate without compromising computer function. Parental controls allows users to monitor, filter and limit internet activity. A bootable recovery tool repairs, restores and boots a heavily infected system. The software contains a module that automatically alerts users to unsafe or hazardous websites.

5. Zone Alarm

Zone Alarm is the most economical security suite, providing protection for up to 3 PC’s for one year at the price of $34.95. This software contains the award winning Kaspersky virus scanning software, ensuring ultimate real time protection. The firewall design detects and eliminates malware before it can gain access or install itself onto a PC. The software includes parental controls to monitor, filter and limit activity. Zone Alarm is user friendly, fast and does not inhibit PC function.

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  2. i think the best one is Norton Internet Security. i’ve use it for my PC and it haven’t break my heart and my PC.

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