Sony introduces super-slim Walkman S750 with noise cancelling tech

Sony is busy at the moment, yesterday introducing a new speaker dock for iPhone/iPod, the RDP-X50iP, and today they’re giving us a brand new Walkman music player, the S750.

This colourful video MP3 player lets you enjoy your music, videos and podcasts in unmistakeable style.

Key features of the WALKMAN S750 are:

  • Superb Walkman sound quality with rich, clear bass and 5 Clear Audio Technologies
  • Digital Noise Cancelling cuts 98.0% of background noise
  • Extra-long battery life up to 50 hour music and 10 hour video playtime.

It also comes with SensMe channels for themed listening to suit your mood and friendly “drag and drop”-transfers from iTunes or Windows Explorer. And it’s only 7.2mm thick, so it’s quite thin.

Sony Walkman S750 will be available from October 2010.

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3 thoughts on “Sony introduces super-slim Walkman S750 with noise cancelling tech”

  1. Who would buy this ? Every single phone nowadays has a built in Mp3 player.. and sound quality on mos really simply depends on which headphones you ise. So having one of these would basically double up the number of items you have to carry wothout doubling up the functionality. very strange decision by Sony to launch these types of products at this juncture.


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