Eco-cars video infographic & the all new Ford C-Max

In this day and age, more and more people are being educated about the need to go green. All over the world, the human population is growing rapidly, but our natural resources are continuously getting used up, and the worst part is – they are not being replaced.

Many of us are aware of the fact that the car is one of the main problems that contribute to the world’s environmental pollution, yet even as the years go by, we don’t seem to do anything serious about it, until now.

Nowadays, thanks to eco technology, more and more people are getting curious about eco cars. Did you know that it would take 200 modern cars to produce the exact same emissions as that of the 1976 Ford Fiesta? With today’s technology and the development of eco cars (namely electric and hybrid cars), not only do we get to save Mother Earth, but we also get to enjoy many other benefits such as lesser fuel consumption, better mileage, and many more. You won’t absolutely get that from a conventional gasoline-powered car.

Below are several benefits of electric and hybrid cars over conventional gasoline-powered cars.

Hybrid Car Benefits:

  • Regenerative Braking – Energy is usually wasted during braking or when using engine brakes on a downhill slope.  However, with the use of regenerative braking, all these wasted energy is converted back into electricity, thus recharging the battery.
  • Electric Motor Drive/Assist – Hybrid cars are usually equipped with a smaller combustion engine which means they have less power. To give the engine additional power during accelerating, passing, or hill climbing, the electric motor works in conjunction with the combustion engine.
  • Automatic Start-Stop Function – When the car stops, the engine shuts off. It restarts when the accelerator is pressed. This function prevents wasted energy from idling.

Electric Car Benefits:

  • Environmentally Friendly – Electric vehicles are practically free from any emissions.  The only emission they might emit comes from the power plant that supplied the electricity to charge their batteries. However, if the electricity will come from solar-, hydro-, nuclear-, or wind-powered plants, then no air pollutants will be produced.
  • Energy Efficient – Electric motors are capable of converting most of the energy coming from the batteries to drive the wheels.  Internal combustion engines on the other hand practically waste nearly 80% of the energy derived from the gasoline it burns.
  • Energy Dependence and Maintenance is Reduced – You will never have to go to a gas station since you can charge your car at home. Also, electric cars do not require maintenance such as emissions checks and oil changes that conventional gasoline-powered cars need.

As a matter of fact, any car you buy today will be absolutely greener than the one it replaces.

Why not take a look at the all-new Ford C-Max and learn about the ingenious innovations this new car has? Kindly visit their site at for more information about the available features of the all-new Ford C-Max, and check out the eco cars infographic video below:

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4 thoughts on “Eco-cars video infographic & the all new Ford C-Max”

  1. As far as the benefits of the hybrid car is concerned it is huge, however the cost is still higher. A lot of car manufacturers are doing reasearch in the area of green technology and I hope in future electric cum hydrogen based cars will be available at the affordable price.

  2. Infographic video, so that’s a better way to call it 🙂

    I’ve been planning to create something similar to that (but flash-based but not flash, knowing that search crawlers won’t be able to parse it in that format). I was actually inspired by the closing credits of the film “the other guys”, and wasn’t sure how to call it (I initially called it Infoanimation and blogged about it haha).

    Anyway, this comment is sort of off-topic, sorry about that, was just excited with the Infovideo idea 🙂

  3. This is one of the hot segment where lots of new models are coming every month and I have seen a car on tv commercial recently, which can also fly. That is another great discovery but at the same time it will consume more fuel and thus will pollute more. Why not from designing stage , hybrid approach or green approach is taken into consideration.

  4. I love the technology. Also, how many households even have variable price off-peak electricity that could even take advantage of the Energi’s smart interface? I don’t.


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