My Top 5 Favorite Photography Podcasts (audio/video) – recommended!

I assume you’re reading this article because you already know what podcasts are. In case you don’t, here’s a really quick introduction to podcasts, courtesy of Wikipedia:

A podcast (or non-streamed webcast) is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication. The word usurped webcast in common vernacular, the word podcast is made famous from iPod due to rising popularity and the innovation of web feeds.

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So I wanted to introduce you to my top 5 favorite photography related podcasts, a combination of audio and video. Here they are, in no particular order (as they’re all equally great in each of their own fields):

D-Town TV

I think I first discovered D-Town TV half-way through season 2, which was great, cause that meant there were a bunch of previous episodes that I could download and watch, rather than having to wait a full week until the next release.

D-Town TV’s first four seasons were hosted by Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski, photographers, authors and Photoshop gurus. Initially the show was for Nikon shooters only, but as of 2nd or 3rd season (can’t really remember) it moved to be DSLR in general, so everybody’s welcome! Now, with the launch of fifth season, Scott and Matt is giving-up their roles as hosts to Larry Becker and RC Concepcion. More about that below under Larry’s Cheap Shots.

D-Town TV continues to be a weekly video podcast show with photography tips & tricks for all DSLR shooters.

Check it out at


Photofocus is an audio podcast which airs on the 5th, 15th and 25th of each month – no matter whatever Holiday it must be, Scott Bourne (the host) is there to record the show and release it to us, right on schedule. There’s over 60 episodes out already, so there’s a huge archive ready for you to listen to. In each show, Scott has a guest host join him and they’re taking questions from listeners (via e-mail) and answers them. It’s pretty cool and basic, so everybody will be able to pick up at least a few tips & tricks in each episode.

I especially enjoy the episodes where Scott Kelby is the guest host. Scott & Scott together is hilarious!

Besides the podcast, is also updated daily with new blog posts!

Scott Bourne also has an Aperture 3 course on CreativeLive which I recommend for Aperture 3 novices out there.

Check it out at

This Week in Photo (TWiP)

TWiP is a weekly audio podcast hosted by Frederick Van Johnson. Unlike Photofocus, TWiP has multiple guest hosts on each show and they discuss photography related news but also takes a few listener questions during the show. At the end of the show, each of the hosts has a “pick of the week” where they get to share/recommend a cool gadget, piece of software etc. with the rest of us.

Check it out at

The Art of Photography

Ted Forbes is the host of this video podcast which also covers film from time to time as well as really old cameras! The film segments of The Art of Photography is not my favorites as I don’t shoot film, but he does talk about digital sometimes as well. But what I really like about The Art of Photography is how he also looks at the works of other photographers and explains the photos and what he likes about them. I find that The Art of Photography is the show I enjoy most when I’m in a “creative mood” as it’s more about art and vision, than technique.

Check it out at

Larry’s Cheap Shots

Photography is just an insanely expensive hobby to have, especially if you have that “gadget bug” in you. So why not make the most of whatever money you have left after buying yet another lens or camera bag that just came out?

Larry’s Cheap Shots is a blog by Larry Becker who also used to be a regular guest host on D-Town TV with his Cheap Shots segments, but is now one of the two main hosts as of D-Town Season 5. Which is kinda funny, cause the previous D-Town hosts (Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowsky) used to joke around with how popular the Cheap Shots segment was and eventually they (D-Town) would be a guest segment on Cheap Shots. Instead, they ended up giving the D-Town show to Larry, since Scott and Matt is about to launch a new live Photography & Photoshop show called The Grid.

Anyway, back to Larry’s Cheap Shots. Larry’s blog is all about getting more from your money, instead of buying expensive equipment, Larry offers some DIY options and cheaper alternatives and tips on how to achieve more or less the same as the more expensive options.

Check it out at

What’s your favorite podcasts?

That wraps up my top 5 favorite photography podcasts. Now I’d love to hear which podcasts you enjoy? They don’t have to be photography related, anything interesting is worth mentioning, so leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to check them out – maybe there’s something interesting for me as well…

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3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Photography Podcasts (audio/video) – recommended!”

  1. This is the first I’ve heard of any of these. Guess that shows how into the podcast scene I’ve been. When do you find the time to watch / listen? Is it something you just sit back and do during Internet surfing?

    • Nope, when I watch/listen I do it intensively so I don’t miss a thing, cause most of the time they’re just that good 🙂

      Mostly I watch on my iPad either in the evenings or on plane/train. The audio podcasts I just sync to my iPhone and listen to when I’m taking walks.

      Simple as that.

  2. I have recently discovered The Art of Photography by Ted forbes and I think that this is the most informative and engaging of the lot. The best thing about Ted is that he speaks about the artistic side of photography and the skills you need to develop to excel as a photographer. This is a refreshing change from the run of the mill podcasts which makes you believe that buying a new lens or camera will make you a better photographer. I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough.


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