Integrated Security Systems You Can Manage From Your Laptop

In the past 30 years, mankind has made great strides with technology. The internet, which was first created as a government-only network in 1982, is now easily accessible on everybody’s mobile phones. With that capability, we are able to do so much more than ever before. For instance, your home security system can now be controlled right from your smart phone or computer; all you need is the right, integrated security system. With wireless home security devices, such as the LifeShield system which we will use as our example for this article, you can have full access to your home security, day or night, with their remote monitoring application.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

Whether you’re at work, on vacation or just out running errands you can see whatís going on at your home in real-time. You can see what time the maid service left or what time the kids came home from school. You can even check on your pets with access to video footage and camera snapshots. You’ll never have to second guess the safety of your home or family again.

LifeShield’s mobile application also gives you full control over your system so you can arm or disarm your alarm even when youíre not home. These features are great for families on the go or for those of us who need a little more convenience in our lives. LifeShield’s remote monitoring is also very easy to set-up. Because the system is integrated, it comes with everything you need. All of the system components are wireless, so set-up can be completed in about an hour. You wonít even need an installation technician to come to your home!

What is Wireless Security?

Traditional home security systems can be hard-wired or wireless. However, more and more burglars are outsmarting older hard-wired systems because there are no extra layers of protection. All they have to do is cut your phone line and your home security is useless. LifeShield’s wireless systems are different. Their cutting edge technology gives you four layers of backup protection so your home is always secure. This wireless technology also makes your system very easy to set-up and customize. You can select which areas of your home you’d like to protect with motion sensors, glass-break sensors, environmental sensors, in-home cameras, etc… Your options are nearly endless.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of LifeShield’s security system, and that which makes it unique in its field, is the web-based LifeView application that comes with it, which allows homeowners to easily check in on their homes any time of day from anywhere in the world, via smartphone or laptop computer. As technology continues to advance, home security will inevitably follow – and that’s a wonderful thing!

Guest article written by: Max Oser is a not-so-secretly obsessed with celebrities and pop culture. He likes to add his own opinion to stories, and look at them from a different angle. He also likes to write about general lifestyle topics, such as home improvement, safety, and social media.

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  1. This is pretty impressive .. i never new that .. Thanks for letting us know about this great stuff ….

  2. A computer can be used nowadays for almost anything, and we spent a lot of our in front of their screens. Security systems are very important for many businesses, and monitoring them with computers is very helpful. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  3. Day by day, technology is improving in each and every field for giving the best products to its users for their convenience. Before some years, many of the people don’t know about the word internet but at present most of the people are suing internet not from only their PC but also from mobile phones and many other devices. As per current trend, you can easily operate different application as per your ease from anywhere and anytime like system security.

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