Top 5 finance apps for business entrepreneurs

Now with smartphone devices application, managing business finances has become much easier, there are certain apps that perform almost every job related to business finances, this can include paying your bills, budget management, tracking your bank transactions and so on. The main advantage of using finance apps is they are more convenient than a desktop or laptop, they provide more flexibility and reliability.

Most business entrepreneurs’ find managing their business finances and accounts through mobile apps is very beneficial; they provide a great way to control your finances. Although these apps are not a necessity, they may assist you in controlling your business finances. Some of these finance apps are free of charge while some others may cost a little, Here are a few top 5 finances apps for business entrepreneurs:

  • Loan Comparison: This fantastic application is designed to compare different types of loans like mortgages, secured loans, [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]payday loans[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]payday loans[/tp] or unsecured loans. Features of this app:
    • Compare two different loans
    • Compare an existing loan with a new one
    • Work out the interest rates or monthly costs
    • Find out how much more your new loan could cost compared to an existing one
  • Google finance app: Every entrepreneur needs a track of financial market data such as stocks, portfolios, investment options, and tracking competitors, suppliers and their business partners. Google finance app is capable of managing all your finance information. Features of this app:
    • This app enables user to know market news and financial data
    • The user can share this data very easily
    • The user can access and track multiple portfolios when integrated with accounts
  • Expensify: This app provides free expenses reports, this is done by importing various receipts and expenses from your credit card. This app helps in managing your business account. Features associated with this app are:
    • Unlimited data storage
    • Creates all expenses reports
    • The user can even track expenses by uploading receipt images
  • miBudget: This app helps you to budget, track all your business expenses, and have control of them. It lets you to set a budget and divide your expenses into different categories. Features associated with this app are:
    • You can email your budget in CSV format
    • User can better track expenses with the help of bar graphs or pie charts
    • Expenses are divided into categories and sub categories
  • Analytics app:This app helps in determining your website visitors; user can track where mobile traffic is coming from.
    • Easy to check
    • Instant access to Google analytics
    • Provides content tracking for every category
  • Square app: It is a powerful app for smartphones that assists small business entrepreneurs; this app turns your smartphone into credit or debit card terminal. Usually this app comes with a swiping device. This app is freely downloaded from Google plat store or App store, a nominal fee is charged for the usage of every card transaction when used through your smartphone.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 finance apps for business entrepreneurs”

  1. Hi Emily,

    I am not a financial expert but could learn some tips from your post. Expensify application is really good. It has a great to offer for all those who are into finance domain and those who are entrepreneurs.


  2. The only concern i have with the advent of mobile apps running more aspects of our lives. The security of these devices is only just starting to be exploited by hackers, the same people who have been giving the computer repair industry a battering. But the convenience of having a financial armoury in ones hand is hard to ignore, thank you for your article it was very illuminating.

  3. I’ve already had some experiences with Analytics and it’s really useful for small businesses, for more complicated structures, I think something more professional should be used.


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