5 Truly Bizarre Gadget Collectables

When people have too much time on their hands, they can tend to start collecting some of the strangest things. You aren’t surprised when you hear of a stamp collector or someone who collects pretty writing papers – but there are some people who go the extra mile to collect some of the most bizarre items you could ever have imagined.

1. Toaster Collection

Photo by labormikro @ Flickr

Never in a million years would you think that someone would actually collect toasters. These kitchen appliances are there to do a job, but Jens Veerbeck of Essen in Germany has collected over 600 toaster models including one that dates back to the 1920’s. Due to the size of his collection he has started on online toaster museum. This collection is an expensive hobby with some toasters costing him over £1,500 each.

2. Happy Meal Toy Collection

Photo by zigazou76 @ Flickr

When you head to MacDonald’s for a bite to eat, bet you never considered collecting all the plastic Happy Meal Toys. Luke Underwood has collected 7,000 of these plastic promotional toys, the biggest collection in the UK. He even has a full set of the 101 Dalmatians.

The closest to this was a man who started his collection in 1980 and managed to get 7,000 of these plastic toys, but couldn’t find anyone with the same passion as him so he placed them in a box for a rainy day.

3. Car Tax Discs

Everyone’s biggest nightmare when it comes to driving a car is Neil Jones’s pleasure. He has collected over 120,000 tax discs during his twenty five years of collecting.  He has found the discs at various scrap yards and through collector car clubs dating back ninety years. Some of the discs even belong to makes and models of cars that no longer exist.

4. Coca-Cola Collection

Photo by DeusXFlorida @ Flickr

We’ve all seen the changes to the Coca-Cola bottles and cans throughout the years, but one anonymous man who owns cocaplaza.com, has been collecting the cans since the early 1980’s and now has over 8,000 cans all of different varieties and designs in his collection.

5. Scalextric Collection

A man started his scalextric collection back in 1957 and constantly added as and when he saw newer versions coming out.  His collection consisted of eighty boxed sets including a knight rider model, three prototype batmobiles and a Spiderman model. He sold his collection in 2008 for a whopping £99,000 with over 1,000 cars, two and a half miles of racetrack and loads of accessories.

The next time you look at an item and think it would be silly to start collecting them, don’t walk away.  While most of these collections are completely bizarre and not something you would normally collect, they can are now worth a small fortune when sent to auction.

Whether you decide to start collecting motor oil cans, cigar boxes or soap bars, there is a collectable for everyone out there. There is already a woman in Birmingham collecting soap bars from all over the world, but there are many other great and truly strange things you can start collecting today for the fun of it.

Guest article written by: Jon Devine is a huge gadget and tech fanatic. He currently works for Ladbrokes Bingo.

7 thoughts on “5 Truly Bizarre Gadget Collectables”

  1. Haha very entertaining post! If you are a collector and you think that others find your collection boring or strange, taking a look at this makes you feel better. Why would someone collect toasters?

  2. I regret selling my game collection!
    I had sold optimus prime 1985 model (unboxed but with the box intact and all the accessories included) for $20. Just search for it and you will see why I regret it.
    Anyway I now collect books. Good ones also.
    Did the guy with the Mc Donald’s game collection eat all the happy meals? 🙂

  3. Having 8,000 cans of coke is insane. It is hard to believe that since the 1980’s there has been so many variations of the coke can/bottle.

  4. I have my collection too. 🙂 its fun to collect something from childhood until when you grow up. Every collection have sentimental value. 🙂

  5. This is really entertaining photos, I have to admit this is really odd, because I never seen this before. or in other words, this is new to me, maybe I should try collecting things too.

  6. I have seen people who collect the happy meal toys. some people really do have strange collections.

  7. I have once seen a “collectable” toilet seat!!! It was all in read and was at the occasion of the manufacturer one millionth toilet seat produces!!! These objects you’ve just mentioned, like coca cola and Mcdonalds aren’t strange after all!


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