Smart TV: A New Era in Entertainment

Smart TV also known as Connected TV is a new breed of intelligent devices which offer entertainment like never before. Similar to Smart Phones these devices can be hooked up to the internet giving the viewers access to the content earlier available on the computers and the smartphones only. With a Smart TV you can access online interactive media, on-demand streaming media as well as data stored on external devices for instance USB.

All the leading manufacturers such as Panasonic, Vizio, Hitachi, LG, Sony and Samsung have launched their Smart TVs. These TVs are available in Plasma, LCD and LED technology and come in different screen sizes as well. Most Smart TVs come with built-in Freeview HD capabilities and some new models also feature 3D content.

How does it work?

While normal TVs only have the capability of receiving and displaying a broadcast, a Smart TV is armed with the latest computing and connectivity features. A Smart TV has an advanced operating system/software and a powerful microprocessor similar to that of a smartphone or a computer.

The internet has become an essential part of our lives whether we want to watch news or weather updates, chat with friends, have fun watching silly video clips or do some serious movie watching.  Earlier this could only be done on computers and smartphones but the small size of the screen was a real wet blanket for both the computers and the smartphone. A Smart TV on the other hand merges computer functionality with the wide screen of the TV thus making internet access all the more enjoyable. Besides streaming movies and accessing archived and current TV shows, a Smart TV also enables you to browse the web, watch clips on Youtube and access social networking sites such as facebook and Twitter etc. The App Store which is a rage these days can also be downloaded on a Smart TV. The unlimited number of entertainment options is a big plus of the Smart TVs.

Connecting Smart TV

Most Smart TVs are “easy to use”; they can be connected to the internet through the ethernet cable and an alternate wireless Wi-Fi connection is also available with these sets. Most Smart TVs are Wi-Fi ready meaning that you can connect your TV to the Wi-Fi home network through a wireless dongle ( you need to buy the dongle); however newer models of Smart TV are being manufactured with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. If you are using the ethernet connection, make sure that the router and the TV are placed near each other.

The Smart TV Remote Control

Every TV comes with a remote and the Smart TV is no exception. Each Smart TV features a remote best suited for its use; mostly QWERTY remotes are shipped with Smart TVs. Generally one just needs to follow the instructions on the screen to download the apps; the typing is done on the on-screen keyboard which pops up. Different manufacturers have introduced different types of remotes; for instance the remote control of the LG Smart TVs works on the pattern of a computer mouse. Samsung has gone a step ahead by introducing the LCD touchscreen remote which features a small LCD screen that displays a channel other than the one being shown on the TV screen. However the best news is that many Smart TVs can be controlled with a smartphone or an Android handset which also minimizes the chances of misplacing the remote.

Broadband Required for Smart TV

The performance of the Smart TV largely depends upon the speed of the broadband. A fast connection is needed for a Smart TV to ensure efficient online streaming and improved buffering speeds. Usually a broadband connection of more than 2Mbps is recommended for glitch free performance from Smart TVs.


Smart TV is the next generation gadget all set to revolutionize TV viewing. Almost all manufacturers of television have jumped on the bandwagon of producing Smart TV with each manufacturer “claiming” to offer “something different”. All Smart TVs have one thing common, they are capable of delivering online content. Applications (Apps) can be downloaded on Smart TVs enabling the viewer to access games, social networking sites, movies, TV shows and other content. Content from portable storage devices can also be downloaded on the Smart TV.

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  1. Technology is advancing very fast and TVs couldn’t stay behind. Now the need for smart devices is increasing because we are getting used to having easy access to a lot of information and utilities.

  2. Smart TVs are great for internet based application. But I’m more interested in glass free 3D TV which is currently not available in the market.

  3. I use Mythbuntu. It is a linux distribution (open source and all the goodies) that is used for set top boxex. It has media player capabilities. Specially crafted menus for easy navigation, browser support as well as remote control capabilities, through the use of a smartphone and free apps.
    It is surprisingly polished and glitch free.
    All you need to have is an old laptop,or small form factor pc. I use a p4 1.7 GHz and I can play 720p without any problem.
    When smart tvs get cheaper I might migrate.

  4. Smart TV is full to entertainment medium which enables us to browse on the internet with the help of this TV so now entertainment will become more interesting with its big screen.

  5. What a great article you have their. It is very informative and your details are very clear and easy to understand. This very interesting post you have.. Hope to see more of these.. hehe


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