8 Fantastic Tools to Safeguard Your P.C: Which One Do You Like?

In today’s era of high-tech developments, the most unsecure place has turned out to be the Internet. Companies like Kaspersky, Carbonite, Microsoft and Norton are trying to make their mark in the internet security market, while serving the needs of users at the same time. However, there are some marvelous tools that we never get attracted towards.

An ideal antivirus tool is the one, which takes into account all kinds of infections, spywares, Trojans and viruses. Here is an elaboration of such tools, with special emphasis on mentioning the best tools that can take your P.C protection to an enhanced level. Some are available with the use of coupon that will save you some extra cash.

  1. BitDefender Scan System – One of my all time favourites, BitDefender scans your P.C and eradicates the tiniest viruses from the system. It works on a wide range of infections, and make sure you stay protected 24 x 7.
  2. Spyware Doctor – A very popular anti malware program, Spyware Doctor works effectively to remove Trojans, worms, viruses from every corner of your P.C.
  3. Trojan Hunter – Trojan is a very dangerous infection for your computer, and if not handled on time, it can give severe setback to your P.C security by giving complete control of your P.C in the hands of hackers. Considering this fact, Trojan hunter is especially designed to hunt the Trojans sitting inside your computer.
  4. Microsoft Essentials – A free antivirus program for Window users, it is a high quality and quite a sophisticated prevention for your P.C. Moreover, it is regularly updated by the company to install latest virus definitions to ensure 100% security. Online backup support is an additional feature you get to enjoy with it.
  5. CCleaner – Not a less widely used tool, it gives a boost to system performance by kicking the registry files, cookies and other temporary infections off. Online storage of history, filled forms and cookies result in a downfall in speed of P.C. CCleaner tackles this problem with utmost effectiveness. You most probably use it, and if you don’t, then start using it today.
  6. Nanoscan – In such a fast paced world, who has the time to sit in front of the computer to scan the whole P.C for an hour or so? Nanoscan understands this, and makes the scanning process done within a minute. It is effective, swift and reliable program to remain safe and secure from undesirable infractions.
  7. Registry Mechanic – Much similar to CCleaner, it fixes up PC errors and speed up processing speed of the system. The trial version is available for free and can be upgraded to full version by paying negligible amount.
  8. Agax: This one is especially meant for Mac users. It basically works as a scanner program and helps in keeping the OS free of viruses. Apple’s users commonly go for Agax and give positive reviews on the same.

In the case of protection programs, like the ones mentioned above, it is important to decide whether you need a free version or a paid one. In most cases, you can just download the free version every 30 days. But some programs often require you to pay to get the most benefits. You can use offer code and promo coupon code to bring the price under your budget. Try the ones above and feel free to add to this list.

This article is written by: Irfan Siddiqui is a professional logo designer. Except designing he writes for a website that features norton internet security coupon codes and carbonite coupon the two antivirus offered by Norton and Carbonite to protect your computer with peace of mind.

8 thoughts on “8 Fantastic Tools to Safeguard Your P.C: Which One Do You Like?”

  1. Nice list,

    Though currently I’m using CCleaner and McAfee antivirus. I think almost every antivirus comes with malware protection as well, so there is no need to buy an anti-malware.

  2. Its Microsoft Essentials for me. I’ve never tried the others as I never had the need to. ME does the job well enough.

  3. I am using a combination of TuneUp Utilities, Kaspersky anti-virus and Malwarebytes and I’ve never had any serious probelms with my PC.

  4. I too use TuneUp Utilities!! It is very good for its job. Actually it was recommended to me by a security expert back in version 2009.
    I would like to add AVG in the list of free antivirus programs. I use it for years and I am absolutely stunned! It is so great! I cannot believe it is still free.
    For MS Security Essentials I must say that even if it is free and catches most of the malware, its footprint on my disks is too heavy!

  5. These are great tools, but there are some other free versions that do the job well too:

    Avast Antivirus
    Comodo Firewall

  6. These tools are very much effective and beneficial to protect the system as well as the data in the system from different types of virus and threats. By blocking these virus, it provides the safe and secure system to its user.


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