How Good are You at Parallel Parking?


When it comes to driving technology, it can be said that Ford is always at the forefront of it all.  Their ideal to “Go Further” always resonates in the product and technological advancements they produce.  The best part of it all is that they insist on four key elements to be always part of their product – Quality, Green, Safe, and Smart.  Take for instance their Active Park Assist – this new feature they are introducing takes a no-brainer approach to parallel parking.

Parallel parking can easily be considered as one of the trickiest bit in driving school, particularly when you are required to apply that skill when getting your first driver’s license.  For many of us, no matter how experienced we are at driving, parallel parking can still be at times tricky, especially if you’re not really sure if there is enough space for you to parallel park.

In the quest to find out the parallel parking skills of many civilians, Ford tests out downtown Paris where people have claimed to have good parallel parking skills.  In a brilliant way of showing how difficult it is to parallel park, Ford laid out two parked cars with a specific space between the two.  Both cars were equipped with motion sensors so that when they are bumped by the car trying to park, a sound is heard in a pinball-esque manner identifying a hit and further seen on a big screen atop.  Although the stunt was in itself a mockery towards the parallel parking skill of the individual involved, still the marketing strategy they are trying to pull off is very relevant.

Active Park Assist is a technology being introduced by Ford, something which they claim even the clumsiest parker will have no difficulty with.  The effectiveness of this technology was further proven when the car parked itself without hitting any of the parked cars on the Pinball Park spot with hardly any difficulty. Watch the video to see the Active Park Assist in action.

The truth is, the park assist system is not exactly a new technology as this feature has been equipped in many high-end luxury vehicles in the past.  However, it seems that Ford is the one revolutionizing the technology and taking it a step further by making it available even on their entry-level vehicles. Ford actually has a lot more up their sleeve and you can get a hint of what they have up in store for you by visiting their newly revamped website.  You can find information on many of the new innovations they have made and you can even share your ideas on what you wish your car could do.

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