The Gyroscope Wrist Ball – Improving Your Health while You Have Fun

gyro-wrist-ball-packaging“Gyro – what?” is what usually comes to mind when you first encounter the term “gyroscope wrist ball”.  Constant training with these circular devices can actually help tone and strengthen the muscles of your forearms, shoulders, palms, fingers and wrists.  While there are some people who seem to be not aware of this simple thing, there are those who knew about it, possess it, and use it for the improvement of their overall health and well being.  If you are someone who is into sports, music, works on computers all day long, currently undergoing physical therapy, or you simply have limited movement and you lack coordination, then you can benefit from performing gyroscope wrist ball exercises.

What is a Gyroscope Wrist Ball?

The Gyroscope Wrist Ball, available in [tp lang=”en” only=”y”][/tp][tp not_in=”en”][/tp], is a circular, 300-gram, tennis ball-sized, hand-held gyroscope device that is composed of a fast-spinning wheel known as a rotor.  The rotor weighs around 200 grams and it is enclosed in an outer shell.  There are no motors or batteries involved.  Once the rotor is spinning, resistance will be generated.  The faster you spin the rotor, then the more resistance will be generated.  It is possible to generate 40 pounds of resistance, depending on the model of the gyroscope device.  Nowadays, there are some models that include a digital counter which can keep track the number of revolutions done per minute.  In some models, you can even reach up to an incredible 16,000 RPMs!  To add to the fun factor, some models are equipped with LED lights which illuminate whenever you use it!


How to Use a Gyroscope Wrist Ball

Start by cradling the gyroscope wrist ball in one hand, and make sure that the back of the ball is lightly touching your palm.  Your palm must face the ceiling.   Next, the thumb of your other hand shall flick across the rotor, and then you turn your hand over and begin rotating your wrist.  If your gyroscope wrist ball has a start cord, put the end of the cord into the rotor hole and carefully rotate the rotor forward, winding the cord around the device.  Stop winding when the cord left is approximately 3 inches.  Make the rotor face the ceiling, and then swiftly pull the cord straight up.  Turn your hand over and begin to rotate your wrist.

Benefits of Using a Gyroscope Wrist Ball

  • Do you suffer from arthritis, tendonitis, tennis elbow, wrist injury, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), or repetitive strain injury (RSI)?  Recommended by chiropractors and used by physical therapists, the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]gyroscope wrist ball[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]gyroscope wrist ball[/tp] is a fully dynamic rehab-training device that makes your wrist undergo the normal ranges of motion while adding resistance at the same time.  It has a unique non-impact factor that “gently stresses” damaged areas in a perfectly smooth and balanced manner which is impossible to do with traditional exercise routines; for instance, small free weights (that have fixed resistance) can actually be more harmful than therapeutic.  Since the gyroscope wrist ball spins at your own pace and you generate its resistance, you will not inflict further damage to your current problem areas.

For those who suffer from CTS or RSI, did you know that in its early stages, you may not even notice that you are being affected?  By using a gyroscope wrist ball for as little as 7 minutes per day in just 28 days, you shall empower your cuff joints with a greater range of movement while at the same time strengthen your wrist and forearm areas to such an extent that you will never acquire either ailment, or you may see your CTS or RSI problems diminish almost entirely in case you are actually suffering from it right now.

  • Sports – One of the most important contributing factors to excellence in about 90% of all sports-related activities is reliable and dependable power in the wrists, arms and shoulders.  No matter what kind of sport you love to do, you can develop and maintain serious strength in your wrists and arms when you include a gyroscope wrist ball (for a month and so on) to your exercise routine.

For sports that require a strong but steady swing each and every time such as baseball, golf, hockey, squash and tennis, it significantly increases the ability of the player to hit a ball straighter, further and with more confidence as an obvious result of the extra power available in the upper body.


For other sports such as basketball, cycling, climbing, fencing, motocross, mountain biking, or rowing, the gyroscope wrist ball gives the shoulders, forearms, wrists, hands and fingers an amazing resilience to the wear and tear you subject them to, while at the same time, it considerably boosts up your endurance levels for a longer period of time.

  • Music – Piano, drums, saxophone, or guitar – no matter what kind of instrument it is, musicians must possess the dexterity, strength and coordination in both hands.  In 30 days or less, a musician of average skills can improve significantly by exercising with the gyroscope wrist ball.  Not only will the device boost one’s hand and finger strength, it can also aid in improving their coordination, which enables them to play advanced techniques better and longer.
  • Fitness – Whether you want to tone or build up your muscles, the gyroscope wrist ball is an excellent device that can accomplish those goals.  At low speeds, it can effectively tone and shape up your arms and shoulders without enlarging them.  Simply reach 6,000 to 8,000 RPM for about 7 minutes per day.

In case you would like to build up some muscle, spin the gyroscope wrist ball to over 12,000 RPM and it will deliver up to 40 pounds of gut-wrenching torque (inertia) and will give definitely you a serious whopping, no matter how powerful your arm is.

Aside from all the benefits (of using a gyroscope wrist ball) mentioned above, probably the best part about this device is that anyone can use it, whether you are male or female, young or old, physically active or not.  A lot of people claimed that aside from the workout they are getting, they are also having a lot of fun from using it.  Also, it is pretty affordable, as the usual price of this nifty item starts from under US$50.  As long as you can use this device for a mere 5 to 7 minutes per day, even if you are sitting in a car on the way to a party, taking a short break from work, relaxing in front of your TV, or you would like to do a quick warm up prior to playing your sport – just take it out for a spin!

Disclaimer: The author of this article is not a trained physician. Statements about health benefits etc. are based on thoroughly research on the Internet. Always consult your own doctor if in doubt.

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