Using Google+ for Your Marketing Needs

google_plus_logo_buttonSocial media can do wonders for your marketing needs provided you maintain your accounts. Some are under the misunderstanding that once you build a profile, that’s all it takes. Like anything in this world, you need to put effort into it in order to reap the benefits. Although Google+ isn’t as large as other social media sites, there are plenty of reasons to incorporate it into your daily routine.

1. Authorship

As you develop content on websites including your own, you can begin to gain notoriety as an author covering the subject. Enabling Google Authorship makes sure that you get credit and your content becomes linked to your Google+ account. In your profile, that you should choose to remain public, are links to websites that you have been verified as a contributor to. Not only are these links clickable, but your content begins to have a greater impact in the search engines. Google is trying to reduce the amount of spammy websites and verifying content with real writers is another step to promoting quality sites.

2. Interaction

Commenting on posts from other people encourages others to click on your profile to either add you or check out your information. If they add you to their circles, any comments you post on your profile and pages you are able to give a “+1” to will be displayed for them to read. Which means, it is always a good idea to at least give a +1 to your own articles you create. A little shameless self-promotion isn’t a bad thing.

3. Awareness

By joining other communities and joining conversations, you can help increase the awareness to your own websites from other Google+ users. The more content you are recognized for and the better your comments impact any specific group, the better your own personal website content will perform in the Google search engine. Ever wonder how authors who joined Google+ post content on the front page of a search result? They have been verified as legitimate writers in their specific niche and have gained the attention of many people.

4. +1 on Pages

Adding the “+1” to your website can go a long way to promoting products and services you provide. If you are using a content management system, there is more than likely a plugin available much like AddThis for WordPress which adds popular social media sites for sharing on each of your blog’s posts. Any Google+ user who clicks on this “+1” icon instantly adds the page they are viewing to their own circle of friends and family to share. You can benefit from the power of Google+ without even having an account.

It is wise to include all of the major social media sites in your marketing campaigns in order to promote awareness to your cause. Not everyone visits the same sites and building a strategy to include as many of these sites as possible only broadens your scope of visitors. However, maintaining your social status within these will begin to absorb more time with the more of these you are connected to. Develop a routine in order to cover all of the media sites in a timely manner. In some cases, it could possibly take you a single post per week to keep the masses happy.

Guest article written by: Debra Johnson, blogger and editor of She welcomes your comments at her email Id: jdebra84 @

11 thoughts on “Using Google+ for Your Marketing Needs”

  1. Spot on! Too many still have the build it and they will come attitude and so many other people are doing it wrong that it makes doig it wrong easy to justify!

    In the early days of the web people and businesses used to make websites because everyone else had one, now they do the same thing with social accounts

  2. Great thank you, admittedly I’m not using G+ much at the moment, but learning more about it and how it’ll benefit business is useful

  3. Although Google Plus is not up to Facebook yet, it is certainly catching up. Read a report somewhere pretty recently that Google plus has gained most user recently.
    There is another point to consider, Google will certainly give more weightage to Google plus +1 than Facebook ‘likes’ just to make people more active in Google Plus. Dont forget that.

  4. From a very long time i was thinking on some marketing strategies with Google Plus and this post made many of my strategies clear..
    Thanks for such an informative article..

  5. Thanks for the tips there. but why Google is providing the Plus one button in AdSense ads? What you think about them?

  6. Thanks for the great reads! The About page is a fantastic opportunity to give a quick overview of your business. You can also link back to specific pages and services from this page, directing potential customers to the most important pages on your website. Google+ also plays a major role in search engine optimization (SEO) by making it easier for marketers to show up in search results—yet another reason to include Google+ in your social media strategy..

  7. I knew of the authorship and the +1 on pages but i’ll be trying these tips next to see if i can drive some more traffic to my website thanks

  8. Thanks for the post.

    Whilst I’ve got my Authorship and +1 button setup the one place I let myself down is interacting with others.

    Not enough hours in the day!!

  9. I am not sure about Google+, Heard that some people talks about the authorship and +1. Thus, I try to make follow this. Thanks for sharing and make sense about this…

  10. I think I am just been so lazy to interact with other people even if I have authorship and +1. But I can understand the value of engage with people… I should try hard to do this more often.


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