SPAM mails – where do they come from? I’ll tell ya!

SPAM cansResearch done by Giovane Cesar Moreira Moura from Twente University in Holland shows that it’s just a few bad ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) that is behind most of all the spam and scam e-mails that the rest of us is plastered with daily.

He has looked into 42,000 ISP’s to find “the bad neighborhood” on the Internet. It turns out that just 20 ISP’s account for half of all spam e-mails being sent. One of them has even specialized in spam or phishing.

Most of the bad ISP’s are located in countries such as Iran, India and Russia. The worst ISP is Spectranet from Nigeria, where 62% of all their users e-mail addresses are used to send spam.

According to BBC, the research has also shown that most phishing attacks originates from ISP’s in USA, while spammers prefer ISP’s in Asia, especially India.

So basically, by just blocking 20 of the bad ISP’s, one is able to remove about half of all spam. Obviously, some legit e-mail might get caught in the middle and blocked as well.

Below are the 20 most spam spreading Internet Services Providers in the world:

  • Spectranet (Nigeria)
  • SC Media Sud (Romania)
  • OJSC Megafon (Russia)
  • Udyog Vihar (India)
  • Speedclick for ITC (Palestine)
  • NetStream Technology (Palestine)
  • Orange Cameroun (Cameroun)
  • MTC KSA Mobile (Saudi Arabia)
  • Dade Pardazi Novin Yaran Tosei (Iran)
  • Behkoush Rayaneh Afzar (Iran)
  • Uzbektelecom (Uzbekistan)
  • Tata Indicom (India)
  • Delta Telecom (Russia)
  • Hesabgar Pardaz Gharb (Iran)
  • CJSC Kuban (Russia)
  • E-14 Roopjat Nagar (India)
  • Saudinet (Saudi Arabia)
  • 001 IT Complex (India)
  • Gostaresh Ertebarat Mabna (India)
  • Chandra Net (India)

10 thoughts on “SPAM mails – where do they come from? I’ll tell ya!”

  1. One of the problems I’m having lately is getting tons of spam from “me”, of all things, because I had a script on my business website that allowed these weasels to scrape my email address. So I’m getting tons of return email I didn’t send; ugh.

  2. I get so many spam mails form people in Nigeria and Russia and I will soon have to get a better e-mail service provider that’s able to detect spam better. I knew that Spectranet was a bad ISP, but not many others on the list so it will be useful in the future.

  3. Whoa shocked to see India is this list so many time but no wonder as I get so many spam mails from Indian firms. they do not know the meaning of email marketing and just spam our inbox. Thanks for this informative post.

  4. This was an eye opener, thanks for posting a list of companies. I must also say goggle (gmail) does a great job filtering the spam.

  5. I think it’s no secret that India offer cheap services, that’s why they get lot of outsourcing work. Internet marketing is one of them, that’s why India is listed in Spam generating countries.

  6. I am from India and really i am fed up with these spams, and till now i was thinking that this is related to US but now i know the whole problem is with Indian ISPs. Thats terrible

  7. Almost all of us receive spam mail & generally ignore them but there can be some important mails also which go to spam so one should not ignore them

  8. It is unfortunate that the even the names quoted in the list are not of correct ISP. It is so easy for western world to malign countries like India. I can say that every spam on my website is from international spammers (let us not confuse bad email marketing with spam).The wrond reporting has resulted in getting most of the IP’s assigned by Indian ISP as bad IP and it hampers the business significantly. Who would take responsibility when a good guy can accessa forum because his / her dyanmic IP is banned. This pariah behaviour with India should end.


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