Deleted File Recovery with System Restore Facility

If we talk about the recovery of deleted files, Microsoft has offered a great feature which is called as system restore. However, only few people know its proper use while great majority cannot understand it properly. The basic aim of this application is to remove those programs which obstruct the normal functioning of your computer. Proper use of this program can restore the original settings of computer running before the installation of problematic program. It is better than the uninstall feature as after uninstall, the changes remain there. Sometimes these changes can cause some serious problems.

System Restore Points

It is important to have system restore point, which you can easily set. It will help you if files are accidentally deleted. These points are created by the system itself and help the users who cannot remember it. These system restore points need to set before the installation of a specific program. Moreover, it should be done before you save your files. Restoration will not have any effect on the word documents, your favorites and emails. You can reverse the process, if you find it inappropriate. It can be undone easily. It can use a lot of disk space, nearly 10% of disk space.

Find and Use ‘System Restore’

Click “Start’ and now you have to go to search box, type “system protection” there. Make sure that system protection is on, before you go for any further action. It is really necessary to on it if you want to create restoration points on your system. A home base will be established as soon as you create your first point. If you see any unwanted changes in your system, you can undo it. When you add any significant file, you have to create these restoration points. There are some disk spaces limitations, so all files will not be copies. “Deltas” will be saved, which is the key difference between current settings of your system and the one you were previously using.

When a file gets deleted accidentally and you want it back, you have to follow the process. Locate “My computer” and try to find the folder, which have that deleted file. Right click on that specific folder and select “properties” choose previous version. It will show you all restore points, which you have previously created. Points created by windows will also show here. You can check all these restore points, before you go any further. Double click on your selected restore point. You can make any kind of changes now. Just click on the file and select “restore”.

Many people believe that it is not possible to use restore function for the recovery of deleted files, but it is a practical option. However, it is important to set restore points, regularly. It is ensure that safety of your important files. You can also set restore points, whenever you add any software.

If this process seems to be time-consuming and you want to save your data in a way that you can get it back anytime then you can go for online backup facility. Yes online backups have become an integral part of online activities of individuals as well as of companies. But before choosing an online backup service you must read reviews of best online backup services at [tp lang=”en” only=”y”][/tp][tp not_in=”en”][/tp] so you can take a better decision in this case.

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Guest article written by: Shah, who likes writing about tech news and updates. You can visit for latest tech updates and happenings everyday


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Guest article written by: Shah, who likes writing about tech news and updates. You can visit for latest tech updates and happenings everyday


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  1. I’ve been using system restores now forever. And I’m so glad of it too. There have been occasions where I’ve deleted a major file that would even corrupt windows…and system restore is able to make it never happen!

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  4. Great post! I’ve some trouble with W7 and I am in need to recover some of my excel sheet. This come out in the right time.Thanks for the share.

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