Top 5 Free Software To Recover Your Lost Password Of Your Zip Files

Zipping is a very common thing in computer practice as it allows user to compress the larger files to make it more memory efficient. Every email system has some restrictions when it comes to sending large size files. So, it becomes necessary there to compress the size of the files to make it eligible to send through emails. Most of the time the zipped files can be extracted without any restriction, but if it is password protected, then you have to provide the password to unlock it. Password protection will be necessary when the zipped content is something confidential or private. As like zipping is common, forgetting the password is also a common issue. We come across many passwords in our life and remembering all of them is a big task.

So, losing your ZIP password is not a big crime, but you need it to open and view your files. But, how can you get your lost password? You have many free password recovery programs exist for your rescue. And, here you going to find the best and top 5 free password recovery software that will help you to access your password protected ZIP files. You can achieve 100% unlocking rate with almost all of the recovery software that are going to be listed here.

1) ZIP Password Recovery Magic

This is one of the efficient password recovery software for unlocking your ZIP protected files. This software has been developed with easy to use and interface facilities and so, it provides lots of useful features like pausing the recovery program in the middle and starting it later at some point of time where it will recover from the paused point and not from the beginning of the process. You will get an operation window and there, you have to upload your ZIP files. You have an option between selecting numbers, letters and symbols here. You have so many versions here and the latest version comes with all useful and better facilities. You can recover password for ZIP archived files and self-extracting ZIP files. This software provides you free technical support all the time.

Mask attack is being used by this software which means you can set the known characters in your password and set mask for unknown characters which makes the recovery process speedy and easy for the software.


2) Stellar Phoenix Archive Password Recovery

Another kind of efficient and free password recovery software for ZIP files is Stellar Phoenix. The software is so simple to use and comes with lots of useful and advanced features.  You can use this software to recover the lost passwords for WINZIP and WINRAR files. This software gives you the facility of storing all the recovered passwords in its inbuilt active dictionary. It will take very less time to recover your password. Starting from WinZip 8.x till 15.x and WinRAR 3.x and 4.x, this software will support and recover password for all the versions. The main concept being used by this software for password recovery is ‘Brute-Force’ attack. Your files will remain the same after the operation with no damage for them.

You have an option to make a speedy recovery of the password. That is you have to select the minimum and maximum length of the password to quicken the recovery process. You can even go for some masking options which mean that you can specify the starting letter of the password or any characters in between. The masking symbol ‘?’ can be used to indicate the unconfirmed letters or characters.


3) Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker

This software could be the best choice for those who want to open the most complicated password protected ZIP files in very less time. The time duration for recovery will vary with the strength of the password. If your password is too short and simple, then you can recover it in seconds whereas, if it is long or complex, it may take some more time, but the result will always be good for you. The same common algorithm i.e. Brute force algorithm is being used here to search for the lost passwords. As usual, after recovering the passwords you can extract the files to your desired folder which is what you normally do when you know the password. This software is a free service.

The software supports almost all of the operating systems. You will find this software easy to use. You can even set some searching parameters before starting the recovery which will be helpful to make the recovery process accurate and speedy.


4) Ultimate ZIP Cracker

You can unlock all kind of files like document files from Word, Excel etc. in addition to the ZIP, MD5, RAR and ARJ files with the help of this software. It uses the following type of search attacks like Bruce force search attack, dictionary search and smart search. Even date search option is there where you can select from more than 5000 date formats as an input to the search criteria. The password will be recovered using the input as date range that you have specified. You can even customize your search using the customizable search template.

The software was initially used for recovering passwords for only ZIP files and later on, all the other popular supports were added.


5) PicoZip recovery

It is one another easy to use password recovery program that can help you on recovering the lost or forgotten passwords of your zipped files. This software too supports pause and start password recovery program. You can download this software for free of cost and no spywares, no ads and no scams are associated with this. It supports all major kind of operating system. It uses both the brutal force and dictionary based searches to recover your password.

All the above said software programs are the top rated and reviewed ZIP password recovery software. And, the main thing is all of them are freeware at least with the basic version. You can try and if you are satisfied, you can purchase the software to upgrade it for better facilities with the password recovery.


Guest article written by: Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar. He is a freelance writer and blogger. He is currently associated with [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]software quality assurance testing[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]software quality assurance testing[/tp] company A1QA. 

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  1. Really these are great softwares. But will they be able to help me recover lost .xml files. As I once tried many apps for this , but could not do , everything went in vain . Hope you would help.

  2. Thanks for this information about these wonderful Software. It has happened couple of times with me that I secure my files by putting up a ZIP password, but then forget the password. My fault!!!!! But these Software are surely diamond in the rough.

  3. Great tips, I didn’t know that there were any available free tools that could help me to recover lost password for zip files. Usually I just threw away these zip files but not anymore.

  4. it’s depend on how complicated are your password. The more difficult, the long time you get to reveal the password.
    for the very important file, please maintain your password to 10 characters, with symbolic, and numeric, and with Uppercase.

  5. These software takes hell lot of time to crack the password and fails most of the time if there are numbers and special characters in the password

  6. All the softwares mentioned above are great.. Many of my zip folders are locked as i have lost my password and was unable to retrieve it but this may help to retrieve my lost passwords of zip folders..
    Thanks for the post..

  7. Are these software really usefull? I mean you have to purchase them to fully enjoy and crack a zip file. But I think there’s also a downside to this. Unwanted people can use this person to crack someone else’s password protected zip files, right?


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