Nine apps that will help you manage your home

by Emily on October 14, 2014

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HTC OneThere are plenty of ways you can manage and organize your home tasks and things you need to do. Besides writing notes on paper and sticking them on your refrigerator with magnets, there are many iPhone, iPad, Android and Apple applications, which can do you a better work. They can let you know you have some task you need to do, reminding you with sound signals in the right time. Nowadays new technologies develop and improve with very fast steps. If you are looking for some apps to help you control and manage your home duties, here is a list of the best ones.

The most successful applications to manage your home are:

  • Evernote
  • Cozi Family Organizer
  • ZipList
  • Errands
  • PepperPlate
  • MealBoard
  • Home Routines
  • GoodBudget
  • BillTracker

“Evernote” is a phone application, which you can use for taking  notes in written, photo, video, audio or web page format. These notes can be archived and ordered in folders for easy finding and accessing. It’s a useful app with high level of customers’ evaluation. You can download a free and paid – premium version of Evernote.

“Cozi Family Organizer” is a multi-functional organizer for storing recipes, shopping list and to do list. It can be very useful because it gives access to your whole family and every member of it can enter and see what needs to be done. There are two versions of Cozi: for family calendars and for recipes. In family calendars you can write your cleaning, family and household duties.

“ZipList” is an application, which is accessible for Apple and Android devices. It is used for shopping and supplying yourself with the necessary products for different meals. You can also record your recipes in this application for keeping them and checking every time you need to remind yourself something.

“Errands” is an application, which functions as a task manager. You can use it for creating lists with things you need to do, agendas, alarms, repeating assignments,searches and many other options. You can write your cleaning, work and household tasks in it and add sound reminders for them. There is a free and a paid version.

PepperPlate” is a free application for making lists with ingredients to buy, storing recipes and easily accessing them. It is available in Apple and Android devices.

“MealBoard” is another application for keeping recipes, which creates your shopping list automatically, according to each recipe. It helps you plan your meals a week ahead.

The “Home Routines” application is a paid software program for making lists and charts for your everyday home tasks. You can remind yourself about some cleaning work, shopping list or important meeting. For the moment it isn’t accessible for iPad, iPod and iPhone devices.

“GoodBudget” is an application for record keeping and maintaining your finances. It uses the envelope system and is a free app.

“BillTracker”, as the name suggests, is an application, designed to remind you that you have to pay your electricity, phone, cable, water or other bill in time. It does the reminding in the proper time so you don’t forget and do the payment, before they disconnect you. It has both a paid and a free version.

Most apps have a free version, with the software program’s basic features, and a premium paid version,with more extras and additional functions, which the free versions don’t have. You can use them for managing your home cleaning work, household tasks, booking cleaning companies like Shiny London, shopping duties and storing useful information. You can manage every task in your home easily and successfully, if you install the applications, which serve you best. You can always try the free versions and see if you like them and if so, order the premium paid versions with more functions.

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