5 Amazing Mobile Apps for Work

If you’re thinking of a way to give your workday productivity a boost, grab that smartphone of yours and start downloading apps. These revolutionary mobile applications are here to help simplify the complications and stress of everyday life.

So if you’re finding yourself constantly banging that inexpensive gaming mouse (that your company has generously gifted you on your 5-year tenureship) of yours because a deadline is looming over your head and you definitely do not have enough time to finish it. Downloading mobile apps will prevent these kinds of scenarios and help you manage your time more productively.

#1. Evernote

Evernote is a mobile and web app that lets you make a digital notebook out of your smartphone. This app will help you make a notebook out of everything from managing your calendar and expenses to planning your next vacation. Evernote helps you with everything from personal tasks to business collaborations across all of the devices you use. From generating new ideas to completing a project, this app will keep all of your resources and ideas in one place.

We all know that keeping track of personal or business receipts is next to impossible if there’s nothing to help us with. By using Evernote and creating a digital notebook you will be able to take a screenshot of all your receipts immediately after payment. In the future, this will make it easier to locate and track your expenses.

#2. Wunderlist

This free app is a digital to-do list, reminder, notebook and can even help you share and collaborate events with the people you share it with. Its cloud-based feature helps you sync data easily across all of the devices that you use.

Going digital makes a lot of sense when it comes to your to-do lists. An app can easily help you rearrange and edit your tasks based on shifting priorities. Wunderlist is a one of the best productivity apps in the market today. So if you need more help with being reminded about your upcoming deadlines and task management, this app is perfect for you.

#3. Google Drive

Google has made it possible to collaborate real-time with your essential Docs and Sheets. You can travel anywhere and access all of your contents so you’re always updated with the most recent changes. This will help you edit and finish any project on the go, in any device or platform.

Google’s Smartsheet app enables you to share documents and files across all devices to ensure nobody is left out of the most recent updates. You can collaborate with your team anywhere, add or make changes to complete your projects faster and get updated on important assignments with a simple digital tool.

#4. Gyst

This app integrates tasks, calendars, contacts and texting in one place. This is designed to make its users more productive with their everyday duties. Gyst allows its users to prioritize and organize texts to help easily find and manage the most important ones.

Gyst also helps in sending your vacant schedules to identify the time you’re available for meetings. This app can help you manage your to-dos for free. With features like setting priority flags on important texts, labelling texts by topic, filtering, searching and sorting texts by keyword, and text to task to let users generate to-do lists from simple texts, this app will definitely help make busy people more efficient.

#5. Slack

This app offers messaging real-time and you can share important files in group and one-to-one conversations. Slack is famous for its archiving and powerful search functionalities which helps everyone easily find conversations and search for old files that have been share some time ago.

It’s a free app that can by synced across all devices from computers to smartphones. Slack also has integrations with other services and apps like Asana, Dropbox, Twitter, Google Drive and more.

So grab and download one or all of them now and see how these apps will unquestionably lessen the hassle of how you interact with colleagues, complete projects, and manage your tasks. Give yourself a break and make your work life ten times lighter.

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