5 Benefits of A Mobile App For Your Business

Investing in a mobile app can prove to be a pivotal point for any business. Advancements in the digital landscape mean that mobile app development is no longer restricted to big name brands. As more small to mid-sized businesses follow the mobile trend, hesitation to implement a mobile app may mean your business lagging behind with your competitors.

Mobile apps provide a huge opportunity to stand out from the crowded market, and at the same time generating profitable opportunity. A mobile app may be the marketing channel your business needs to grow its digital presence, garner a larger customer base and encourage customer interactions.

The future of any business lies within the development of sustainable apps. Here are five benefits of a mobile app, guaranteed to take your business to the next level.

1. Build brand recognition

Today’s competitive world means businesses must do whatever they can to enhance the visibility of their brand. A mobile app can generate the necessary brand awareness your business may be lacking. The app should function cohesively with your website and social media platforms to help your business connect with more customers.

Essentially, an app is the perfect transportable blank billboard sign. There are many third-party tools and agencies capable of creating the perfect mobile app for your business. The right app that’s beautifully designed and well-branded can greatly contribute to a strong brand awareness.

2. Improve digital marketing and sales

Apps can serve as a multi-platform direct marketing channel for your consumers. Consumers who engage with their mobile devices do so primarily in apps. Whether it’s a local coffee shop, neighborhood co-op, or beauty spa, the amount of potential functionality and benefits differ with every small business.

Mobile apps can decrease marketing spend by creating targeted ads or offers directly to consumers already in their sales funnel. The integration of other mobile technology, such as GPS, means businesses can target key users with time sensitive and location-specific messages.

3. Increase visibility

A mobile app is more than just an application. Its ability to increase your business’ visibility means more opportunities to connect with your customer base. An app has the potential to provide more visibility than social media channels or a browser bookmark.

Its ability to always be visible on a phone screen provides a faster alternative for brand engagement than a mobile web browser. A mobile app eliminates the time it takes to launch your website, despite how mobile-friendly it is or the amount of time it requires to search through social channels.

4. Increase customer engagement

The different functionalities available to businesses through mobile apps increases the level of accessibility customers have with your business. As a creative supplementary channel to your business, customers can engage with brands in unique ways not available otherwise.

While mobile apps are often compared to mobile web browsing, they can incentivize customer engagement in ways that websites can’t. Apps can offer promotional rewards that can drive engagement. And with push notification functionality, they can encourage real-time customer interactions.

5. Grow customer loyalty

Smart businesses can leverage opportunities within mobile apps to boost customer loyalty. Mobile apps can make the experience of engaging with your brand more interactive and rewarding. Creating ease of accessibility, from allowing mobile payments or the ability to create wish lists and shop your brand’s full inventory improves the overall customer experience.

Apps also go beyond monetizing functionalities. They can serve as platforms for customer service, update your customer base on the latest news and upcoming sales, and even provide opportunities for informed decisions. These can all inspire brand loyalty and improve the way you connect with your consumers.

The adoption of mobile apps for a business’ omnichannel marketing efforts can encourage on-the-go customers to engage further with a company. With many DIY app builders and developers available, businesses can experience a greater return on their investments. With businesses now able to push increased sales, information, service and support, and customer engagement through mobile apps, the path to a more mobile presence is just a tap away.

Guest article written by: Ayham Gorani. Director, Alpha-Apps FZ LLC. Fueled by the firm belief that the Arab World has great potential and great content, Ayham founded AlphaApps in 2011 in Abu Dhabi. His goal is to bring the Arabic apps industry and content forward to an international and competitive level. He is also a start-up mentor, helping entrepreneurs launch successful app projects and investing in app companies in the region.

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