5 Ways Social Media Can Influence on Your Blog

Blogging is not about writing, it is not about photographing or reposting pictures. It is not about adding event schedules or sharing your experience. Blogging is about communication with readers and cooperation with other bloggers. In a modern world where everything is going on online, you need to implement all possible ways of introducing online communication methods to your blog. Social media is perhaps the best and the most effective way to enhance your blog promotion and develop a new marketing strategy that is aimed at attracting new readers who are actually interested in the field of your blog.

Many bloggers underestimate the power of social media. Frequently, experienced bloggers who started to work more than 5 years ago, continue to use comments for communication with their readers. But today, no one wants to leave comments just to express the opinion. In fact, everyone looks for the live discussions. And the best discussions can be found in social medias.

Adding social media to your blog is a top priority task that you should accomplish as soon as possible. If you are still hesitating in the effectiveness of social media, investigate these 5 ways of how social media can influence running your blog.

1. You Become Closer to the Audience

As we have already mentioned, communication with the audience is one of the key factors for a blog success. Supporting your blog with social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and other medias, you can expect that your target audience will subscribe your page and will leave comments, like and share your posts. A useful tip for beginners: if you want your readers to find you on Facebook, leave a link to this page on the main post, on Contacts, or on About Us page. Another tip: be active in your social media accounts! If you create pages but do not use them for a certain purpose, you lose the effective tools for reaching a success. Besides, when you communicate to your readers directly, they become more attached to you and the loyalty rate rises.

2. You Increase Engagement

Engagement of your audience determines the success of your blog. Thousands of subscribers who do not visit your site is not a popularity but a fiction. When the engagement of the audience is high enough, you start to notice changes. The engagement means reposts, comments, and mentions in other blogs. Also notice: when someone shares your post, more people read it. Hence, they become your potential subscribers. Sharing and reposting is a common thing on Facebook, and you can use this social media to increase SERP/s. Do not forget to add plug-ins to your site so the visitors can repost your entries directly from the blog.

3. You Get the Organic Traffic

A good blogger never buys traffic (unless he has some aims that require this method of increasing the number of visitors). Organic traffic is the only precious thing that benefits the popularity of the blog and its ranking in search engine systems. Besides, today people follow the news on social media and rarely look for the blogs that are interesting to them. This is far easier to like a page on Facebook and read the interesting information there. However, if a person likes the page, it is likely that he will click the link to check the original website.

4. You Increase Personal Popularity

Social media is really the most effective way to become popular. Joining Instagram, you increase your visibility. Proper usage of hashtags and cooperation with other bloggers can help you with becoming more popular in your niche. Of course, the written content of your blog also should be of the highest quality. Find an interesting approach for presenting your ideas and the popularity will rise both in social media and in Google ranking. To become popular, you need to be active in social media. Join the related groups, contact other bloggers, and do not hesitate to leave comments to the posts that are interesting to you.

5. You Can Use Social Media Promotion Methods

Today, social medias incorporate several options that can be useful for business and blogging. You can promote your page on Facebook using special advertising offers. It means that the post with your advertising will appear on the pages of TA. Besides, you can make use of the adds-on and sponsored stories. Of course, the advertising option is not free, and you need to pay money to promote your blog. However, with multiple customization options, you can spend just a couple of dollars to reach a huge audience.

If you want to develop the popularity of your blog, you need to use all available and effective methods. Incorporating of social media is actually the easiest way to bring your marketing strategy to a new level.

Guest article written by: Richard Nolan is a writer and a private tutor, sharing his experience in spheres of blogging, entrepreneurship, and psychology. Richard writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and students. Follow him on Twitter

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