5 Ways Wearable Technology Will Transform Healthcare as We Know It

healthcare_doctorWearable technology is poised to revolutionize healthcare in the near future. Already, these devices are helping wearers to monitor their health and fitness activities in real time. They can even help you to remember to take medication or engage in health promoting activities during the day. In the following years, wearable technology will add value to more lives in these ways:

1. Enlighten Patients So They Can Monitor and Improve Their Health

Wearable technology provides real-time health data for patients. This was simply not possible a decade ago. Patients had to depend completely on what the doctor said when they needed feedback on treatment or improvement in their health. But now patients can read data about their continuous and resting heart rate on their smart watch and know whether they are in a good state of health. Also, ingestion event markers can now be taken with medication to obtain and transmit information from within a patient’s body.

2. Help Patients and Doctors to Diagnose Disease and Monitor Response to Treatment

Wearable devices transmit data on organ performance and disease indicators to doctors and nurses. This enables them to get adequate information when monitoring a serious ailment. For instance, patients with diabetes can now use wearable devices to check glucose levels, monitor physical activity and food consumption, and then send the data to the doctor’s smartphone.

In fact, data obtained from such devices can be very useful for online medical training. Students working towards a certified masters in nursing online may use such data to monitor the health of patients assigned to them.

3. Provide Assistance for Medical Personnel

Surgeons who put on Google Glass can offer medical students and other doctors a unique view of any surgery or medical procedure. This method can be used in all forms of training, including nursing courses that serve as a bridge between ADN and NP programs.

4. Enable Patients to Enjoy Better Pain Relief

New devices are being developed to replace daily pain medication with new pain relief devices. This new technology is targeted towards the over 1.5 billion people suffering from chronic pain worldwide. A device called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator will provide low voltage electrical stimulation that will reduce pain. This technology incorporates Bluetooth connectivity so that users can track and reduce pain with the help of their smartphones.

5. Help People Derive More Joy from Keeping Fit

Wearable devices like the Jawbone fitness band and Misfit Shine are making the art and science of maintaining health very exciting. These gadgets help wearers to track their fitness levels and sleep patterns. Food and calorie intake and other functions of the body can also be monitored. To help the users to get excited about their health, these devices have companion apps that encourage goal setting, and social engagement.

In the years to come, wearable technology will continue to have a positive influence on the way healthcare is administered. Patients will be more active in diagnosis and tracking of treatment while doctors will have access to a greater amount of accurate data in real-time.

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