Top 5 Tricks to Make Windows Run Faster

windows10Windows systems are user-friendly and efficient devices to perform numerous tasks seamlessly. These systems run smooth initially but due to prolonged use they also start creating certain performance related issues. When you use your system for long time lot of unnecessary files & programs and general wear and tear causes performance related issues on it. Here we can discuss top 5 tricks to make your Windows run faster and smoother.

Disable transparency & special effects: Windows 10’s transparency feature helps your system look good but at the same time it cost you some system resources. Disable transparency effect in the Start menu, taskbar and Action center to reclaim those resources. To do this, go to Settings > Personalization > Colors and toggle off ‘Make Start, Taskbar and Action center transparent’.

Similar to transparency effect, special effects also use precious system resources. To get rid of these special effects on your system go to Start > System > Advanced system settings > System Properties > Performance and click on Settings. It will open the Performance Options menu. Now under Visual Effects tab either select ‘Adjust for best performance’ or “Custom” option to deselect unnecessary visual effects. Click OK to apply changes.

Remove unnecessary files: Unnecessary files like log files, temporary files, cache files, cookies, duplicate files and other junk files accumulate on your system over time and occupy a lot of disk space. These unnecessary files not only occupy precious disk space but they also affect system speed and performance negatively. You can use various tools like disk cleaner, registry cleaner, duplicate file finder etc. to make your Windows run smoother and faster.

Disable Startup programs: This is an effective way to make your Windows run faster instantly. To manage unnecessary programs running at the Startup, open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift +Esc keys or by right-clicking on the lower right corner of your screen and select Task Manager. Once Task Manager window is open click on “More details” option at the bottom of the screen. Now click the Startup tab to see all the programs which run at the Startup process. Sift through the list to find unnecessary programs. To stop unnecessary program or service from launching at boot time, right-click on it and select “Disable”. It will not disable program entirely but it only prevents it from launching at boot time. You can run that program or application after launch or if you decide to bring back that program back in the boot process, return to Task Manager, right-click the program and select “Enable”.

Launch the Windows troubleshooter: Windows 10 has built-in performance troubleshooter tool to help you find and fix common problems that might affect your system’s performance. To launch this tool, click on Start button and type “troubleshooting” in the search box. Now select the “Troubleshooting Control Panel” option and click on “Run maintenance tasks” in the System and Security section. It will open a screen called “Troubleshoot and help prevent computer problems”, click Next to initiate a troubleshooting process. The troubleshooter will identify the files, shortcuts, and other performance issues on your system and fix them.

Run reliable security suite: This is more of a preventive measure to keep your device speed and performance intact. The reliable anti-malware program along with Firewall can help you protect your system from many threats effectively. These programs detect and remove any suspicious content from your device efficiently and build a wall to protect your device from any malicious content.

You can follow these simple steps to keep your system run smooth and efficient. In fact, efficient system can help you save your time and efforts as well.

Summary: Due to prolonged use Performance of Windows system gets affected. It may cause slow speed or other issues. In this article, we can discuss certain steps to boost your Windows speed and performance.

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