7 Tips To Create An Impressive Mobile App Icon

by Guest Author on June 21, 2017

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Businesses definitely give their high efforts and concerns for increasing the user access rates of the apps and increase the download rates from the app store. A distinguished app with impressive and outstanding features would certainly hike up the download and access rates. An app should be unique and eye-catchy with the high functioning features that would ultimately make the app look stunning.

The icon of the app is certainly an essential feature that has an instant impression on the app users. There are certain things that create a significant impression on the users. The app developers must give their high efforts for creating stunning mobile app icon in the first time that effectively would spread the brand’s awareness and would be liked by the users.

Follow the Essential Rules for Creating Stunning App Icon

Below specified are the most impressive and healthy tips for creating a stunning mobile app icon!

1. Representing The Thoughts Of Your Brand

With a creative idea, initiate the process of developing the creative app icon. Texts and images used for designing the icon must represent the business form! This would have an instant impression on the users.

2. Removal Of Unnecessary Details

An icon used for the app must be able to demonstrate the details of the business. Stuffing the icon with unnecessary details about the brand can distract the users. The icon design must be able to convey the users to keep up the pace of visual impression. Removing the unnecessary details from the icon would be a great initiative indeed!

3. Keep Up The Pace With Simplicity

You indeed need a creative and unique icon for the apps that would attract more and more users! It is not essential to use high-end graphics or mess up the icon with different unnecessary elements. Keep the icon simple but attractive that would impress the users as complex icons would not be catchy!

4. Be Aware About The Diverse Features Of Different Platforms

Android and iOS are the leading mobile platforms. The icon of the apps on Apple store gets adjusted consistently whereas app icons on Android are not altered in anyways! The apps and its icons must be same on different mobile platforms. Using layout for the off chance is beneficial if you are not aware about the definite range of icon on different platforms.

5. Comparison With The Competitors

An app must not fail to meet the expectations of clients! Take a look at your competitors of the business and their apps. The icon of your app must be recommended in the suggestion list or search list.

6. Test The Apps In Different Versions

Icon of the app indeed looks attractive and impressive in the initial phase but after publishing the app on the app store you probably may not be satisfied with the download rates. You can attempt for replacing the app icon with another icon that is intended for the same purpose. This may effectively raise the outcome results.

7. Select Proper Colours

The app icon must be perfectly balanced! Contrast, colour combination, and design must be set precisely. Overusing colours would make the app icon look messy and distracting. Simple and dignified colour combination of the app icon can have a great impact on the users.

For creating stunning and memorable app icons, the above-mentioned tips would be amazingly helpful for the developers in making the app highly accessed with increasing download rates!

Guest article written by: Vivek Shah is the founder and CEO of Capermint Technologies: A leading iPhone & Android Application Development Company. As a CEO, i like to help other companies to transform their app ideas into reality.

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