Mobile App Development Basics For Newbies

The Internet has completely revolutionized the way people communicate and do business these days. The biggest effect has been felt in the mobile phone world with the biggest percentage of Internet users accessing it through mobile phones from different parts of the globe. For mobiles to fully function and especially when they are using the Internet, they rely on applications.

According to statistics, mobile app development is the latest buzz in the technology world. Currently, there are no less than 700,000 applications on the Play Store and the App Store. Considering the ever-growing need for enhanced communication, gaming experience and all sorts of things, this trend is not surprising at all. By the year 2015, estimations were suggesting that the mobile phone industry would be worth not less than $35 billion.

For some app developers, they do it for the fame, others for fun and those who are seriously grounded to it professionally, they do it for the money. Any successful developer will have fun, get famous and while at it, make some good money. The best thing with app development is the fact that it gives an equal chance to anyone with a creative idea that can be transformed into an app to implement.

However, it is imperative to note that developing a good app requires a lot of time and skill to be invested. For an app to be considered as finger-licking, a good percentage of the time will go towards designing and getting concrete awareness of the current market trends to avoid a situation where the application is launched, and it fails to hit the expected popularity target range.

The first step towards successful app development for the newbie involves having an intriguing and creative idea. The idea must be in a position to take the masses by storm. Any newbie who belongs to the school of thought that just any other app will get the masses intrigued is in for a rude shock. By just looking at the app stores, they are filled with mediocre apps, which further cements on the need for the app to be completely unique.

Any newbie who wants to stand out must be in a position to understand that it is not the many hours that they spend learning different language technicalities and failing to develop an app that will not be loved by the masses that count, it is the ability to adequately design that will make them stand out.

How to kick off with the awesome idea

The first thing to do is to, first of all, think of an idea that is already on the web and that can be easily ported to become a mobile version. Having done that, the next step of the app development involves thinking of an app that one loves and in the process, try to spin it with the creative idea.

At this stage, it is also imperative to think of an app that has the ability to make complex things much easier. A good example is when matters related to entering the credit card number are concerned. The app should be in a position to store the details securely by making sure that they are encrypted with a user-defined pin number.

Having accomplished the above-mentioned steps, the next thing involves considering the design and graphics aspect of the application. Anyone interested in developing a game needs to see to it that they have hired the best graphic design talent to make sure that the game can effectively provide the user with an engaging end result. As much as it is important for the idea to be original, it is also not criminal or morally wrong to augment an already existing idea with a brand new one.

The next step now involves choosing the most appropriate platform to host the app. For those developers who are after making some good money, the best platform would be iOS. This is made possible by the fact that the platform is more secure when matters related to preventing piracy are concerned.

Developers who want to get famous can on the other hand host their applications for free. However, the best strategy for newbies would be to make some money with the apps and when the popularity is finally gained, they can switch gears and start offering them for free.

Developers who wish to try a brand new concept would be better placed to go for the Windows 8 platform. This is because the platform is not very much exploited and for that reason, one can easily gain some popularity and while at it, make some money as well.


One of the most important aspects of a mobile application is the design. The major reason why very potentially good applications fail to make it in the market is that they are badly designed. Here are some tips that every newbie should consider in their app deveopment.

For iOS

If the app being designed is not a game, it is important to consider using the available design templates. They play a very big role in making sure that the app gets from the conceiving stage to the conceptualizing stage.

For Android

There are several web pages that are committed to providing newbies with the necessary tools and information for such an endeavor. The best thing with the platforms is the fact that they have no restrains when matters related to using the features and controls are concerned.

For Windows

This platform also makes sure that it gives the user all the necessary tools to create an amazing app. However, for this platform, one will need to code the design using HTML5/CSS3.

Having done that, the next step involves downloading all the required tools and SDK’s. After that is done, it is not time to test the app and host it on the preferred platform. From that step, one can choose whether they need to monetize or not.

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