Why Should Start-Ups Invest in Paid Ads on Google and Social Networks?

by Guest Author on December 3, 2017

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With the advancement of the digital world and people becoming more and more tech-savvy, there’s no better option for a start-up than to invest in digital marketing. What’s great about it is that there’s always a scope to spread your newly started business to millions of customers online without any cost. But the chances of free marketing are getting narrowed day by day with the ever-increasing competition. It requires both consistency and time to get a business properly marketed organically.

Being a start-up, you might have decided to go with the free marketing initially. But this is the time when leads are much needed to you and paid ads only can bring leads in a short while.

Now let’s check out the five benefits that a start-up can get from paid ads on Google and social networks.

Time Effective

The most beneficial part of paid ads is the time-effectiveness. Your business will start reaching your customers right at the moment you start your campaign. If you are to make a mark on Google, then PPC is far better than SEO as it is both time efficient and helps you reach your targeted audience.

Targeting Options

For example, you are a local business in Kolkata. SEO services won’t let you target your location but with PPC services in Kolkata, you can make your business reach only to the people of the city. While SEO allows you to target your location by specifying the titles and meta tags, you can’t restrict people from other locations from viewing your business in the search results. Even, with paid marketing on social media platforms, you can make your ads visible only to people of a particular area you want.

Apart from this, paid marketing comes with more targeting options like age, gender, relationship status and most importantly, interests. If you know people of which fields are interested in your business, it becomes a lot easier for you to reach your potential customers and that’s why paid ads can be a boon if you can make complete use of it.


This is something only possible in paid marketing. There are several instances when people interact with your business on Google results page or through the posts on social media channels. But you can’t get the details of those people who were interested in your business, might have also visited your website but somehow bounced back. With paid marketing, you have the chance to retarget them. Both Google and social networks provide information about the people who interact with a particular ad thereby you get more insights on your potential buyers.


With organic or free marketing, there’s not much scope to be definite about the results. And this is true for both Search Engine Optimization and Social Media marketing. You can’t be certain of your ranking even if you did a profound keyword analysis or increased your domain and page authority. Similarly, you can’t determine the total number impressions, clicks, likes, and shares on social networks by creating a high-quality image or video or by adding popular hash tags. On the other hand, both Google and social media paid marketing give you an idea about the estimated performance of your ad.

So, instead of only waiting for the organic traffic invest in paid ads as well and start getting leads. Also, focus on your organic promotions as paid ads are live only when you pay for them but organic ranking and organic reach are there for you as long as you continue to deliver quality content.

Guest article written by: Parag Nandy Roy is a professional digital marketer and a passionate writer. He writes blogs on digital marketing and website design and wants to share beneficial information among the users, especially the beginners who want to grow online. 

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