The Top 10 Myths about Cable TV

Myth 1: Cable TV Subscriptions are on the Decline

The headlines in the news or even the Internet for that matter, are constantly spreading this frequent myth that you will witness: a declining use of Cable TV! You’ll listen to these rants now and again by the promoters of streaming gadgets like mobiles, tablets, etc. which they claim are easy to use and consumers can download/stream their favorite shows etc. in less than seconds. But the reality is going to bust this myth entirely. Nothing matches an efficient, high-resolution and high-definition picture quality Cable TV connection. Why? Because all four generations that are co-existing in this time, are quite acquainted with how to use a TV rather than those complex gadgets. With Cable TV, you get a variety of choices on your fingertips: live sports, reality shows, cooking shows, and seasons simultaneously! One of the authentic Cable TV services is Charter Cable TV Providers, where you can enjoy a minimum of 125 channels on your screens.

Myth 2: Cable TV providers are Expensive

Another common myth is that Cable TV is heavy on your budget, especially if you’re opting for premium or HD choices. But let’s bust this myth with Charter Cable Deals for instance. For just $59.99/mo., you can enjoy up to 125 channels, most of which are HD. Another popular half-baked presumption is that subscribing to a lot of services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc. will charge just as much as when TV and Internet are bundled together.

Myth 3: Watching sports online is as entertaining as on Cable TV

Have you ever tried streaming a live match on ESPN or NFL Network’s websites or perhaps listening to the radio commentary, trying to stay updated with the action? If yes, you would know how depressing it is! If you grew up zealously watching football or basketball, missing out on your favorite games is the worst part of having no Cable TV around.

Myth 4: Digital services are so easy and user-friendly

Well, if you’re trying to go digital and cutting off your Cable TV connection, rest assure that it is by no means easy. It will take a lot of patience, practice and time to get used to the ‘digital exclusively’ lifestyle, because using, for instance, Google Chromecast is not as easy as you think it is. Cable TV is far more accessible and easy-to-use for individuals hailing from all generational consortiums because (similar to plug and play technologies) one is required to just to turn the television set on – and let it do the rest.

Myth 5: It’s easier to stream the latest TV shows online!

Cable TV subscribers have the luxury to watch their favorite shows the very same day they are aired. So, if you are perhaps trying to stream the latest episode of ‘Game of Thrones’, save yourself the struggle because online streaming is going to be all messy and full of chaotic interruptions, taking away the joy of it. But if you are looking for easy and laid-back entertainment, just subscribe to Charter Cable TV Providers, to have HD HBO® experience and enjoy your favorite shows.

Myth 6: To watch Cable TV, you need to have a cord-based subscription

It is a common misapprehension that you necessarily need a cord to watch cable TV, but factually, you can access Cable TV via satellite as well. This makes Cable TV a lot more accessible. There’s a rise in the subscriptions of satellite TV services lately.

Myth 7: Traditional Cable TV services do not offer a lot of channels variety

Most of the people have said goodbye to the conventional Cable TV because of this yet another major myth that needs to be busted. There’s a huge assortment of channels as per your mood, covering Sports, Reality Shows, Seasons, Cooking shows, Geography, Movies… so on and so forth. With Charter Cable TV Providers, you can a good number of 200 plus channels on your media a la carte to appease your entertainment needs.

Myth 8: If you chanced to miss your favorite show while it was aired, you can now only watch it online

If you stayed late in your office, and perhaps missed the much-anticipated episode of your favorite season, you don’t need to use your Internet streaming gadgets necessarily. There are many Cable TV Providers such as Spectrum TV, that offer DVR facility as well as they have whole seasons and movies stored to their ‘On Demand’ library called Movies On Demand, where you can instantly watch 10,000 plus movies and TV shows.

Myth 9: The traditional Cable TV experience has become redundant

In today’s fast lifestyle, where we barely find time to sit together as a family, and everyone is engrossed in their own smartphones precisely (even if sitting together), Cable TV gives us an excuse to sit together as a family and enjoy and discuss a nice TV show (since we hardly sit together to talk; thanks to the age of mobile addiction). Watching something on TV is not an individual activity (as goes for live streaming gadgets that have hindered live communication of people), rather it becomes a family affair.

Myth 10: Cable TV providers don’t offer enough tailored packages

This is yet another common myth. Almost all Cable TV providers offer customized options for their customers, be they stand-alone or bundled packages. For instance, Spectrum Cable Services offers 5 (stand-alone as well as bundled) packages tailored to cater for their customers’ needs.

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