The 3 Greatest Moments In Data Science History

Data science has come a long way since it first came into existence. The advent of Internet and social media has made data science an inevitable part of our lives. Almost every advertisement that you come across on the social media is a result of data science. The products that involve the use of artificial intelligence are also a result of data mining and networking. Like everything else that we witness in the field of science, data science also has milestones that set the industry on a roll. Listed underneath are some of the best moments in the history of data science.

The phase of revolution in the field of data science

While the statisticians were on the rise in the industry the field of data sciences also progressed with the use of technology. In the year 1977 the International institute of statistical computation was introduced as a part of ISI. The mission of this organization was to make sure that they could link the traditional statics methodology with the new technology in their hand. It would help them complete the task in a smooth and swift way as opposed to the traditional methods that usually took more time when done in a simple format. Before this the work of statistician was dreary and could not be used like a lucrative prospective. But with this revolution, data science was seen in a different light.

Data science marketing

In September 1994, one of the best –selling magazines gave a coverage on the fact that most of the companies who have shifted their advertisement to the online world were using the available data in a way that they could tailor make the marketing to suit your need. It was a game changer in the field as up till now the media used generic information about the game of demand and supply to initiate the work and come up with advertisement that were meant for all.

The hard hitting marketing was a concept unknown to the masses and it seemed to be quite confusing yet eye opening for the users that they could see pop up ads that were meant to be about the things that they had just seen. Before this the field of data science was restricted in its approach towards the field of marketing. But now data science was being utilized in daily lives and collecting information to process the data was getting easier every waking hour of the day.

The Internet revolution

The advent of Internet brought about a lot of changes in the industry of data science. Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented Google search engine. The data on various platforms of the websites could be analyzed and presented as a search engine result. While the results can be defined as scalable, high performance and automated, the best things about this revolutionary idea is the fact that it is capable of giving results in the fraction of seconds. The data science and technology has never been this fast as this search engine. It brought about the paradigm change in the lives of users and now it is used every waking hour of the day.

The genre of data science is developing and advancing with the advancement in the technology. Other changes that can be considered as the best in future prospects are in sync with the ‘modeling’ process of data science. AI or artificial intelligence is the science wherein software is capable of reforming the information is continuously receives and personalizes the same to suit the needs of the user. Machine learning certification has really become the next big thing that people are interested to better their profile. If you are looking forward to increase your knowledge and be a part of something revolutionary in the field of machine learning then you can go for courses that are meant to help you create such software and gadgets.

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  1. It’s true that AI is taking more and more place in your everyday life (recommendation systems on youtube, netflix) and allows us to simplify the task in many situations. And I sincerely think that we are only at the beginning of this revolution. Advances in the bio-medical, industry are constantly progressing! Anyway thanks for this aricle, I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Everybody uses AI is some way or the other. or others thinks Its just programming and algorithms.

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