4 Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Business’s Security and Customer Trust

When you are thinking about some easy ways you can make your business better, the first thing you might consider is how to bring in new clients and keep the ones you have. Customer trust and retention can be the main reason for your company’s success, or it can cause you to lose revenue if you don’t do it well. Security is a main factor behind whether you will be able to keep buyers happy or not.

Here are some ways that you can easily increase your company’s security.

1. Change passwords often

By altering your password on a regular basis, you can do a lot to ensure that you won’t have problems later. First, you will want to come up with a difficult password that very few people would guess or that hackers could discover without much effort. You’ll also want to make sure that you vary your passwords so that people can’t access a number of information channels. Several passwords can go a long way toward keeping the people that you don’t want going through your files out.

2. Use enhanced storage

Storing your documents and clients’ information in a safe space can be one of the best ways to make sure that nothing is stolen. With a virtual data room, you can keep things locked and secure without having to constantly worry about checking in to see if nothing has been taken. This software keeps all of your files in one place and will alert you if any suspicious activity is recorded. For the peace of mind, it might be worth investing in a place where you can lock your data and you know it won’t be touched.

3. Limit access

By thinking about your employees and who might be able to share important information, you can limit who can see files and lessen the likelihood of them being shared. It’s a very simple action, but by narrowing down who should see certain files and who shouldn’t can vastly decrease the changes of issues with security. Customers don’t like to think that their private information can be viewed by almost anyone, so this can increase the quality of your relationships and ease buyers’ minds.

4. Install a VPN

A cheap way to make sure that your IP address is not being picked up unnecessarily by hackers is through a VPN. Many are free or very inexpensive and they can add an extra level of security that you might not have otherwise. While you won’t want to completely rely on this for all of your information, it can be the added assurance you need and that you can give your clients when they ask about your security methods. Take some time to research which VPN could work for the type of data you protect and what industry your business is in.

It’s easiest to avoid security problems by making sure that you are well-prepared for an occurrence of a breach. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can keep clients’ files protected without much work, and in doing so you can increase customer trust and satisfaction.

Guest article written by: Alex Schnee

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